Friday, September 16, 2011

still going

ah I havnt managed to get on here much this week.
Things are ok, but it has been a long week.

The antiobiotics the docs put me on, did exactly as we thought and increased my anti rejection levels. Many phone calls,more bloods and a few appointments later, I had to stop my meds for a couple of days and then rebegin them. Things have settled now, but I am still coughing a lot. We dont want to have to keep guessing with meds, so more cultures have been sent for and the results should hopefully show more.

My mood has not been in the best place this week and I do fear that things are begining to slip, but we shall see on that one.

Exhaustion is my main problem. And a couple of nights, I have woke up really gasping for breathe. My issues, as usual is that I dont want to worry anyone.I dont want to make a fuss. What if it turns out to be nothing and just me over reacting. I wish there was some test I could do at home that would instantly tell me either your fine, or you need treatment.

Going to try moving more tomorrow, so we shall see on that one.

And on that nore, im going to go sleep as I am exhausted. Though I did get some pretty pics yesterday that I still need to transfer off my camera.

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