Monday, August 01, 2011

Pictures (or playin with my new camera)

I have been promising pics for ages, so yeah, finally got around to uploading. There not great, and I like to ramble, but there you go.

This is my baby. Well not really, he is the biggest out my my two torts, but the little one was sunbathing when I had my camera out.

This is my nieces hyper Hamster Gizmo. Its such an adorable little critter. It literally never sits still and loves being around humans. Somehow, it managed to escape the other night while everyone was asleep. It was in my nieces mum's bedroom so her mum woke her up and told her to 'sort her hamster out' (hehe) She literally went in and went, oh gizmo, come here. The little thing walked across the room and climbed up onto her hand. The thing is mad yet so adorable.

I had a friend staying last weekend and we decided as it was nice to go the beach in Llandudno (Wales)

She was very proud of her bread. But..

..Oh noes.

It was very touristy, but the colours were super fun to play with on my camera.

I love the colour of the sky.

My niece came to stay once my friend had gone home and I snapped this picture, which I quite like.

And Dad took us out, so I could play again hehe.

I love how quickly the camera responds when you press the shutter button.

On a regular digital camera there is always a few second delay and so I often missed the shots I wanted.

Though, I do miss the 12x optical zoom of my old camera. I have a 18-55mm lens on this one. So I might have to invest in a zoom lens in the not to distant future.

I love that I can manual focus though, no more fighting with the auto focus and having to move the camera about to get what I want.

The water here is so clear that I loved playing about with the reflections,with no distortion. 

The colours are so vivid and clear.

And the finest details picked up.

Though, I obviously cant take credit for the wonderful scenery. 

But the auto focus comes in handy when framing shots.

And I do try to shoot from unusual angles. They say that something like 80% of all photos are taken from the near enough the same height, though it did alter when digital cameras came in, as people no longer had to lift them to their eye, and isntead hold them just below shoulder level. So often you will find me sitting on the floor with my camera.

Though I should have set my tripod up for this pic, as the sky very slightly over exposed as I couldnt lower the shutter speed enough without camera shake.

Yeah, maybe a little morbid, but there is actully a forest close to my house called Delamere forest. (A lot of the scenes for Star Wars VI where filmed there)

Oh how I love reflections. And this time I did manage to use my tripod, as the first one, the sky and the reflected sky both white'd out. I do like this one.I did bring the sky into full colour, but the foreground ended up a little dark. ha,Ishould go back to playing with HDR images. I do love the way HDR stuff comes out, but its a lot of post production and I have more fun taking the pics.

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