Friday, July 29, 2011


Alas, I have become absolutely hopeless at updating my blog.
I am still alive and having a good day really.
I did promise to upload some photos, but it is bed time, so this is going to be a quick one.

I am working on a couple of projects at the moment, which is kinda fun and I get carried away, but they need to stay secret for now.

I sorted all my room out the other week and now, crafting is so much easier. And due to this, my mind is a whirl with projects, espcially christmas ones (there is only a 150'ish day left you know!)

The thing I like at the moment is because it is chemo week,  mum has to rest more and stay in. I like this because it means I am not getting dragged around and worn out. Instead, I get to spend the day sitting in the garden with my felt tips or a sewing needle.

Chemo last week got cancelled as mum was to ill to make, so she is a week behind, but had it this week. Though, admittedly, it was a pretty close call. Two days before, I came down with gastro issues and spent the day between sleeping or emptying my stomach (it was already empty, but i think my stomach wanted to get out to, heck why not if everyone else gets to go out) This makes it the third time in less than a month I have had this, which is a little concerning, but the worry was passing it on. So extra precautions were taken and such. Now I just need to make sure it doesnt come back, as I am responsible for the cooking and such at present.

Other than that, things are going smoothly. I have even been awake fairly early the last couple of mornings. Mainly because I have awoke coughing (and due to where crap gets stuck, the easiest way for me to clear it is to lean over the edge of my bed so I am upside down and allow gravity to aid my coughing) but coughing early in the morning, inevitably leads to needing a wee.

But enough about my bodily functions.
I have stomach/lung scope type thing next week, which is a bit icky. But it clashes with my mums appointments, so not sure how that is going to go yet. She is booked in for an ECHO which would be fine as mine is in the same department, except hers is in a differnt hospital than mine. Hopefully dad is going to be able to drive her to hers.

I am also possibly going on holiday in two weeks. To Wales with my sister that should be fun.

And I think that is about it.
Such an interesting update. Oh I know what is exciting, I ordered a remote shutter for my camera and it came today. So much fun to play with. Just wish we had higher cellings as I would love to do some bouncing on the bed type pics.

Oh,I do have one photo I will share tonight, just because I have it handy. My Daddy being silly.
Bless. He has had his haircut today. Though it does not remove all the grays anymore. I did offer to colour it with my Red over the weekend, but he declined my offer.

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