Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Its morning

An early morning blog, how unusual.
But dont worry its only going to be a short one.

Why am I up at this odd hour you may ask. Well, mum told me that I had an appointment to go to. She had an ECHO in one hospital and I had the horrible pressure gastro thingy in another hospital. the two appointments clashed so we would both have to leave the house the same time and then go opposite ways. Which was ok as mum was feeling upto driving this morning. I didnt check as I assumed mum was right (arnt they always?)

So, I get over to my appointment and the respiratory physician says, you do know this is for tomorrow dont you *headdesk*

I could have done without that as I could have gone with mum for hers, as there is chance they are going to find something not great. But more so, it is a hike and half to get to the appointment and of course I arrived panting and gasping.

The appointment its self is to put a probe down into my stomach to measure a lot of differnt stuff. Now, believe me when I say i am used to tubes being shoved up my nose and they dont bother me so much. However, the stomach ones do. Throat I can deal with, stomach, often trigger kinda flashback type symptoms which are not very pleasant. But oh well, have to be up early tomorrow morning and go for it.

And this heat? Dont get me wrong im glad its not raining, but even with the windows open, my room is so warm. The problem with this? The tubing on my nebulizer has gone softer than normal and it is rare now that it will stay stuck to the machine. I have trimmed it and trimmed and each time it stays stuck for maybe one session. I used to have a lovely long lead on it, meaning I could run it whilst I did things like going to the bathroom and moving around my room to get dressed. Used to save me ages when I had to be up for college. Its now just long enough to reach to the bottom of my bed. So perhaps tomorrow, I will sneak up to the ward and see if I can pinch some more tubing.  Actully might put my machine in for services at the same time.

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