Wednesday, August 03, 2011

icky tests

Just now, I have literally had a 15 minute coughing fit. It was exhausting. Not done that in about 18 months. And yet, this past month has been the pretty ok. I am due laser again on Monday, but I have been offered a holiday with my sis, so after speaking to my surgeon he said go for it. I rang to rearrange the appointment for in 2 weeks time and they said they would call me back but instead i now have an admission for a months time. Oh well.

Things have gone down hill a bit the last week, but I intend to have a good time away and so things better behave. Had that test thing this morning and boy do I hope never to need one of those again. The tube kept getting stuck at the hypopharxyn and so it took several attempts to actually get it in place. But once it was finally over the Respiratory person said it looked ok and such. So just waiting to go back see the doc on that one now.

And I got my hair cut. Ignore the state of me as lack of sleep is not have a nice effect on those rings under my eyes.

Though the colour has been annoying me since I coloured it, so hopefully I am going to redo it soonish.

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