Sunday, July 10, 2011

still here

Today u feel a million times better than i did last night. Last night was tough. I felt since dreadful and spent half the night with my head down the look. Nausea and extreme coughing really do not mix well.

On reflection i think there were a lot of things happening at once. My airway has gone down quick this month and so my body is kicking up a fuss about it. I don't think my chest infection has cleared and so the continuous coughing has left me exhausted and in agony.

There are some family issues going on at the min and that has left me a little stressed which always messes with my stomach and then kicks off some adhesion related pain.

I also had lady pains and then i realised that i had accidentally run out of one of my psych Meds. Those Meds are known for the horrendous withdrawal effects. So i think everything just ended up happening at once and that was why at 2 am i wad sweating like a pig with my head down the loo trying not to cry.

But today is a new day and things are getting easier. I have had some anti sickness sorted my Meds out and managed to travel drama free back to London.

I did sleep the entire train journey so i hope i was not snoring. Or giving off my death rattle as my niece now so affectionly calls it.

And tonight nursing staff? Well they seem pretty on top of things, but then i am object the male ward at present.
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  1. If you ask them very nicely, they raid the cheesecake for you lol. Always makes the night before surgery much more pleasant. good luck for the morrow my friend, and don't agree to discharge until you are feeling better ;o)