Wednesday, July 13, 2011

hospitals and more hospitals

What an exhausting few days. So much has happened in a short time and right now, I feel totally spaced out.

So Sunday, I still felt rough, but managed to get going. Took all my meds, managed to eat and got the train to London. I dont usually sleep on the train, but within 10 minutes of sitting down, I was dead to the world, and didnt wake at any of the stops, until people started getting off Euston.

The sleep must have done me good as by the time I got to the hospital I felt a million times better. I must not have sounded it though as the nurse attacked me with nebulisers within 2 minutes of getting through the door. Perhaps it was the heart rate of 135 that sent him a little anxious. Either way, I slept all night, changed wards once the staff changed over,got ready for theatre and then slept all morning till about 1pm.

Went down to theatre about 2pm. Nothing special really, had a natter with my surgeon as we discussed the uselessness of the hospital and such, exchanged the usually banter with the irish male nurse dude who is to easy to wind up and then off to sleep.

Upon waking, things didnt feel right. I knew it wasnt right, everything was aching and I was using my accessory muscles to breathe. I tried telling them what was wrong, but I was to spaced out to coordinate talking. Time plays tricks on you in there, but I know I saw a series of people. From the recovery room doc, to my anesthetist, to my surgeon to another anesthetist, xray and a few more besides. We think that my upper airway had swelled more than normal,which was making breathing hard. After an extra hour or so in recovery,lots of yummy meds and some extra painkillers as my muscles were so sore I thought I had run a marathon, I was finally sent back to the ward, to be closely monitored.

I needed the loo, so my nurses said, i know you dont like to be hassled so i wont get you a commode as we are supposed to, just let me know if you feel ill. haha. and that was the end of my monitoring.

Everything passed uneventful. My surgeon said things are looking good, but we are still going to keep treating it aggressively with monthly admissions. And I got the train home the next morning.

And that is where the fun began.

I had had my painkillers increased but when I got off the train, I was not due any for at least an hour, so decided it would be good to run some nebs and have a nap. When I awoke, I felt really hot and sick. Took some anti nausea medication and then ran the loo as it wouldnt stay down. Over the next 4 hours I spent the most of it throwing up. My mouth was so dry, I couldnt even use medication that dissolves in your mouth. I was so dehydrated, but I couldnt do anything about it.

So, once my dad got home from work, it was off to A&E. Mum couldnt take me for obvious reasons and so poor dad got stuck with it after working a 12 hour shift. Sat in A&E for 4 hours before seeing a doc, again i spent most of it in the loo. Finally got an IV going and sent off bloods and got some IV anti sickness stuff. At this point the stuff made me go a little loopy and I kept talking absolute crap and losing my thoughts mid sentence.

I sent my dad home as he had to be up at 5am and it was already 1am. So more xrays, more fluids and more tests. by 4:30, they decided it was my chest playing up and the stuff off my chest upsetting my stomach. Pushed through some more IVs, let me sleep a little and then made me drink loads. As what I drank stayed down for a few hours, they declared me fit and discharged me.

I got home at 8am this morning. and yeh. Exhausted still shaky and sick, but tryin to keep fluids up. Apprently the doc could see a lot of scaring on my xray, but that will all be dealt with by my chest consultant. And right now, I am trying to run a load of nebs as my chest i think has more fluid in it right now than my blood stream heh.

And that was my night. Watching and laughing at some of the dramatics in A&E. Such as one lady screaming in pain in her abdo, and over dosing on her inhaler to get rid of said pain. Not sure how that one works as the inhalers only go to the lungs, but I guess it would shove her pulse rate up enough to get some attention. Plus she only seemed to scream when there was a nurse about. And the guy walking around clutching his chest, looking like he had heart burn or indigestion, but all the while, drinking an acidic fruit juice. on my and these people actually go and sit in A&E.

I look like a scruff as I have not washed, and have tape marks up my arms from bloods and gases and lines and what not. but its all good as I dont plan on seeing anyone today and may just push to having a bath later.

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  1. I think that people go to a and e for a variety of reasons; sometimes for physical illness, sometimes for mental illness, and sometimes for distress. It's hard to stomach what appears to be attention seeking when you're feeling so ill, but I learned the hard way that you can never judge. did you see the woman on tv who was admitted over 50 times with stomach pain/? she was classed a chronic malingerer, but eventually a doctor made some enquiried and it was discovered she had end stage liver failure. so i guess my point is not all attention seekers are attention seekers.

    i'm glad you're feeling better, lol, i love that irish nurse too, he's good fun. hope your breathing gets a little easier very quickly!!