Saturday, July 09, 2011

Its differnt

I usually know my body fairly well.
When I feel crap I know why and I can work on rectifying it.
But today is different.
Something doesnt feel right and yet I can put my finger on it.
Last night for the third night I coughed all night. I awoke to my niece prodding me, trying to wake me up because I sounded like I was chocking.
Last night sleep didnt come easy. I was plagued with vivd dreams about death, dying and catastrophes.
Everything had to go slow this morning as I couldnt breathe.
Exhaustion weighed my body down, to the point my family keep asking if I am ok and they are the ones used to seeing me looking rough.
I tried to nap, yet it wouldnt come.
I feel foggy, buried in quick sand.
Everything is happening around me and I have no the ability to move.
My stomach is playing up. My head hurts.
Something does not feel right, but I can not pin point what it is.
Nor can I recall every feeling like this before.

I have things I have to do this evening.
And I dont think I will be able to.
My body feels weighted to where I sit.

Please let things change,one way or the other. As things stand now, I dread attempting to make that journey to London.


  1. You have to go to hospital honey, tonight. I've followed your blog for the last couple of weeks, and you've described a slow deterioration that is classic of stenosis. Go to your hospital over the road, and they will arrange an ambulance to take you to london. You must not get on that train without a paramedic at the very least. Ring the RNTNE tonight, and they will talk to guri sandhu and nick hamilton, and organise what happens next. They will even ring your local hospital and tell them you are coming, and what to do next. But you must not wait any longer. i absolutely beg you.

  2. Kim,
    Please take TSS's advice and go get checked out. I know that getting around isn't always that easy for you, but this sounds serious. I am reading this very late from when you posted, but I hope you followed through.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.