Wednesday, July 06, 2011

London (again) & scarecrows

This week is national transplant week and rightfully, I should be doing some stuff on transplant. Believe me, I do want to. But this year, I dont have the resources. I had some photos I wanted to upload, but they are at home and I am not. So my blog unfortunately is limited this year. 

So yeah, I am not home, instead I am currently residing in my sisters house. Its my mums low week from chemo and as I am still coughing my head off and have on and off sore throats, we decided it would be safer if I held my distance from mum this week. 

Monday I had outpatients clinic in London. And as I thought, it would have been as much use as talking to the wall. I rang the hospital on several occasions to confirm that I needed to go to both the clinic and the admission and I was told several times that yes, if I had been sent them, I needed to go.

I got in, and the doctor, who I had never seen before, starts asking me about my breathing. He wasnt really listening to my answers and then begin with, well we need to decide when you next need to be admitted and such. So I told him I already had an addmission letter for the following Monday. So he said oh. Checked his phone and then said, well next week is a very busy day, but yes you are so, you dont need to be here and we will see you then. *headdesk*

That was totally worth a 5 hour round trip. blah. The hospital frustrates me. Not to mention that it cost me over £70 in travel expenses. I tried to claim them back, whilst I was there, but of course they cant give more than £20 in one go as its a small hospital, so I need to send off. Just like the month before, that I am still waiting for. God knows how they expect you to pay out these fares all the time and wait like 2 months by the time they do the paper work to get it back to you.

Alas, the day was not wasted as I met a friend and was able to have a nice social day. We visited the M&Ms store.

And ate strawberrys and cream in the park with some yummy drinks.

And laughed at a man walking a dog in a pram.

I got to my sisters just after midnight, so it was a long day.

The village by hers is having a scarecrow competition, so we went for a drive around to see them all after tea. Some of them are brilliant.

Blues brothers
I have not posted them all, but the local church has a bride and groom by the door and a vicar by the gate. The pub has a tart sitting on the wall and the nursery made a worm. There are various other Elvis ones and Micheal jackson. And some on roofs in places you wouldnt expect. I do like that about villages.

Anyway exhaustion is kicking in now.

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