Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I be all famous.

So I be all famous and stuff like.

Ha ok maybe not, but it is a step in the right direction. This is the most active thing I have done towards encouraging organ donation and it feels like a big step. It is a big step. It is coming to terms with things and focusing on being positive. Its also about facing my fear of being recognizable. 

So, long story short, as a follow up to transplant week, I was featured in the Liverpool Echo. A whole page spread with huge (scary) photo of  me.

With the whole hospital dramas and such I have only just gotten hold of a real copy, but yay. Below is the scanned copy.

If you wish to avoid the scary photo, then it can also be viewed here (Liverpool stab victim who survived liver transplant urges people ...)

So yay and all that hehe.
Now I know what my surgeons are up to, they just want to get lots of signed  consent forms as they maybe worth something one day *giggles*

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  1. Wow! Though you've written about this several times, I guess I never really knew how extensive the damage was. You are certainly being watched over. Hope you are having a good day today.