Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day off

Today, has been a good day, in fact, I would say today has been a great day. Not a hospital in sight or thought, even if I am technically a patient.

Dad was off work and he decided that we all needed a break away from home and medical drama. His aim was to get up bright and early and get out. We half made his aim, in the fact that we got out, though it was 12 by the time we did ooops.

I have only a vague idea where we went, but it was out, in the country, in the green space. We had a wander around a little town and then around a mill shop before having a yummy tea and home.

I spent some (too much) money on a few craft bits that I am excited to try. (And I will be setting up a craft blog soon to keep that stuff separate)

Whats more, it was a day free of medical drama. It also surprised me how close I have become to my mum. Sure she still annoys me and knows all my sore spots, but over the last few days, I have noticed more and more that we are finishing each others sentences. ha, its most odd and my sister keeps giving us funny looks when we do.

Tomorrow,the hospital drama continues as I have to be back in my bed, on the ward for rounds in the morning. As my breathing is doing so well, even better than when I had the trach, I should be discharged!! YAY

However, I do want to ask him about my inability to wake up. I swear, its not just being lazy, I can not wake up at all. I get stuck in like this limbo land, where I know I need to get up, I can hear my alarm, yet, I can not focus enough to move to press sleep, or even to open my eyes.

All is well in Kimland. And I am determined that it will remain so.

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