Sunday, June 19, 2011

Emergency calls and almost disasters

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a morning person. I dont normally see the day before at least 11am. So, when I awoke this morning shortly before 7am, I knew something was not right.

Last night, I went to sleep as normal with my humidifier on and such. When I awoke this morning, something didnt feel right. Now my breathing often changes through the night, when the tubes need changing and such, so at first I just thought, it was something like that, until I reached my hand up my trach and discovered it was not there.

I must have had a bad night last night and fidget around so much that I pulled on the trach. I was meant to change the tube holder and such, but was to tired so, so left it for the next day. Instead, it had come lose.

I have had it well and truly drilled into me, that if the trach comes out, the first thing I should do, is try to put it back in, as long as the tube isnt completly mucky, as clean ones can be sorted once the airway is secured. Well, I did that, but, there was no chance of it going in, the hole was well and truly closed, thanks to my lovely  rapidly healing body.

Then came the  uh oh what now. So far, I had run on what was drilled in to me. I sat still for a few minutes, checking that I was managing air flow and it seemed ok. Grabbed my sats meter and checked them, again they were fine. Next came what to to do now. There was no way I could get the tube in, so if it needed to go back, it was going to mean theatre. That left me 3 options. London, A&E or my wonderful surgeon up here.

I got up and, after dancing on the squeaky floorboards, to try and slowly wake my parents up, I felt like a naughty child, I didnt want to wake them on the weekend and I dreaded them going into panic. But I plucked up the courage an woke them, warning them not to panic before I explained.

They rang my old ward for advice, who said to phone 999 for an ambulance. eek, no way I thought, so we agreed that Dad would drive me to A&E, so I went and got dressed. Within 5 minutes, the phone rang, it was the ward mum had just phoned, who said, if I was still breathing ok, to come over (I live right opposite the hospital, I can literally walk to my ward, quicker than an ambulance can get to our house.) It was close to hand over time and one of the ward sisters who knew me had heard my name and so rang my surgeon at home (bless him of a weekend) and he said to come in and be seen by his team.

And that is how I ended up with a surgical admission at 8am this morning.

They tried to reinsert the trach, but as I had found, it was closed. They were unsure what to do as they didnt want to damage any of the new areas. They booked theatre time and a team as a precaution and once my surgeon made it to the hospital (after several phone calls all morning) he reviewed me. His initial view was that he would like to send me back to London via ambulance, so he went to phone London and get their advice.

He rang them and within a few minutes, my big surgeon from London rang my Liverpool surgeon back from his mobile.

They are now in contact with each other and I am being monitored. Technically, I have been admitted to my hospital here, I have a bed that no one can touch and the ward staff and emergency staff have all been briefed on how to handle things.

However, as I live so close and I am sensible, I am free to come and go as I please. Basically put, I am going to be at home, unless there is an emergency, until ward rounds on Monday when we will review things.

So far, my trachea is holding itself. I can breathe fine, not brilliant, but probably about the same, maybe a little better than when I had the trach in. The hope is that I remain like that for the next month at least and I get to remain trach free (YAY)

If things start to get harder then I go the ward and get the trach back. But fingers crossed, that isnt going to happen.

So an exciting day was had by all. ha
That makes 4 different hospitals, I have been at in 3 weeks ha.

But, fingers crossed, at ward rounds (Yes I have to be up mega early for ward rounds haha) I will be discharged and trach free ha. Maybe not how I was expecting to be detrached, but there we go.

I was going to stay at my sisters house last night, bloody good job I didnt hehe.

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