Sunday, May 29, 2011

When things work correctly

When things work correctly, they are much easier to deal with.

The whole mutual trust bond is begining to build on this ward now, I like it, it makes things much much easier.
I had it on my old ward and I swear it saved my life a few times.

Basically, my body sucks, and I can get pretty sick pretty quick, without showing any of the normal clinical signs. Such as going into respiratory arrest when my oxygen levels were still displaying at 100%.

Well, after the long addmission at my local hospital, they began to trust me and would listen when I said something was not right.

Now, I seem to have good relationships with the staff here. They know that my situation is complicated, but they have been more and more friendly the longer that I stay here. Most of the nurses when walking past my door either wave or shout in to me, same when I on the corridor. If they hear me having a coughing fit, they stick there head in to make sure there is nothing that I need. Often they hide in my room so they can have a gossip and such. It just makes a lot of difference. They also dont mind when I have people in past visiting or make the ward smell of take out he he.

But, the whole team have worked smoothly on this admission. Ok they often dont know what the plan is for me, but that is mainly due to me being complicated. But, for example, when I first got out of theatre, the pain team came to see me daily to make sure I was pain free and were able to change the meds, which doctors are often scared to do due to my liver and such.

There was also the dietician, the physio, chest team, plebotmists, doctors and other various people who have visited everyday to minimise complications. This has not been the easiest of tasks either, as I had a lot of reactions to the pain meds at first and even had to have an urgent nero exam doing. Which was amusing as I almost fell over twice walking in a straight line and the doctors face was hysterical haha.

so yeah, anyway.
Well yesterday, I told the docs that I had suspicions that my chest was brewing something. They sent of samples to the lab and told me to keep on top of nebs and physio, which I was anyway. This morning I felt worse and told them I was about 80% sure there was defo something there that shouldnt be. After listening to my chest and it being clear and I had no temperature, I was expecting to be told the same, just keep up with the nebs. But nope, instead they said, well you know your body better than us and your due in theatre Tuesday, so lets start you on antibiotics.

It was wonderful not to have to explain myself, or wait around while getting sicker. And I have continued to do everything I can to keep my chest clear. Using about 15 nebs a day gah. But now, I have my humdifier back, which has been wonderful.

So fingers crossed it is going to clear.
But I am doubtful. Despite my best efforts, there has been no lay off in the crap I am producing. Normally I get bad in the morning and evening but am ok during the day. Not today though. Whats more, the stuff that I am coughing, really stinks. (gross I know) At first I was the only one who could smell it, but others can now too. Which is disgusting and makes me feel so damn dirty. Unless I do some rapid healing tonight, its not going to be clear for Tuesday. I wonder how far this trust will go and if they would put me on IVs tomorrow in an attempt to clear things.

oh well, fingers crossed. And although I have been given day leave the last few days, I have decided that tomorrow, I need to stay in. My body needs all the energy it can get to fight this right now.

I would say here is to better days, but it has been pretty good days so far already.

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