Wednesday, May 25, 2011

33% and Grade 4 stenosis

Bright and early this morning my surgeon called me down to clinic, so he could have a look and see how things are healing. He seems to like to do this recently, as he has the scope equipment ready there so easily glance down. Place was so busy and squishy I thought I would end up waiting ages, but it wasnt to bad.

I saw him yesterday when he was walking past and I laughed at his theatre hat as it was bright green kids jungle theme. Today he sought revenge and laughed at my 'brightness.' Well, I was limited on stuff I could bring down, so, I was wearing my PJs,which are mostly bright and I needed a zip up jumper which the only one i had was pink plus my red hair. I just laughed, least I cant be missed.

Icky spray of lidocaine and down (or should that be up then down) with the camera ouchie. He my numb it, but there is still one bit that hurts like hell.

Said it looked good so far and has healed well. Then went on to say, but then we know your a good healer, now the chore is to get you to stop healing ha. So he wants to take me to theatre again next Tuesday and possibly take out the T tube YAY!!! Though he said I have to be nice to the other ENT surgeon as my surgeon wants to steal some of his theatre time mwhahaa. I think this will be ok, as the other surgeon seems nice enough and comes for a natter twice a day most of the time.

It also gave me a chance, with a voice to ask a few questions. I asked, how wide my airway was when he took me down last time. I know I was struggling, and so I was pretty interested to know where I was up to. Apparently I was at about 4mm. It should be about 12mm, so I had about 33% of the breathing capacity of what I should have. Now to go from 100% to 33% in 8 weeks, is a pretty big step. Now I know why my body and head where complaining of lack of oxygen.

I guess that is the lowest I have been outside of hospital. The only time I have had lower than that, was when my stent kept blocking and I had to sit in ICU as I kept going from about 40% to 10% in a matter of minutes. anything below 15% is unmaintable really. So basically, 15% does not allow enough gas exchange to keep you alive. So 33%, yeah, scary really, grade 4 stenosis.

Fingers crossed that is all behind me now!!

I also made a plea to my surgeon whilst I was there. I literally begged him, to never ever make me have a T tube permanently. He said he knows they are not very nice. When I said I was literally spending about 5 hours a day doing just nebulizers, just to keep it clear enough to breathe easily, he said yeah,but your tube is a bit unique and glued in in many different places using bits of skin to hold it everywhere.  Yeah, nice picture that drums up ha. But least he knows my hatred.

In other news, Bree has now passed fully. I said my good byes as best I could last week. She was declared brain dead and the life support machines switched off. At that point, well more so before then, I said my goodbyes type of thing. I knew that it was just a wait then, for her body to rest itself, but she was no longer Bree at that point. He soul, spirit and humor had already gone. Else, she would have had some way of making a lame joke along the lines of what you all moaning about, shape up. Rest easy hunny.

Oh also, I keep trying to comment on peoples blogs, but blogger is being silly and saying something like select profile first. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thank you

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  1. Blogger kind of sucks these days. I am bummed that my templates are all screwed up and that if I change them I need to dump my sidebar and start all over. What the...EF...blogger? Sorry to hear about your friend. It is sad when we lose are friends.
    I think of you often and hope that you get better.