Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is it a sign?

So, I was feeling pretty fed up the other day, but whilst a friend was here she looked out the window and exclaimed, 'Oh look, its a rainbow'

Its not very clear, but you can just see it coming down next to the London Eye.
Though, it was pretty dim and vanished within a few minutes.

Today, my mum has come to visit. Once she left, I glanced out the window and saw this.
Much bighter and bigger. But, it was almost a double rainbow, which you can see so much on the picture. There was the begining of a second rainbow underneath it. And of course, looking at a double rainbow I hear that guy from the viral video.

Which, even more so lead me to thinking of Pocket God (And yes, I still crack up everytime I play that game!) Pocket god, is on the iphone and is one of the first games I got years back. Its kinda like a sim game, but you get points for killing the people in certain/funny ways via a series of mini games. But they update it every month or so to keep up with trends. Really should get it if you havnt already.

Anyway, I went to effort of uploading the rainbow pics off my phone, so thought I would stick a load up at the same time. Come with me for a journey into the past week or so ha.

So, the night before surgery, I knew I wouldnt be able to eat again for a while, so i said i wanted something tasty and filling. I went to ZiZis yum. And ordered a Calzone.

Yeah, that thing was huge. And filled with tons of meat. Ermm meatballs, Bolognese, pepperoni, mozzarella, ham and tomato. It was a struggle but it did fill me for like a week ha.

So, the day I went in, the surgeons were busy and wanted me left till last, so I didnt go down till about 5pm. Want to know how I kept busy?

Cant beat a Disney colouring book. And yes, I do love Pro Markers, just wish they were not so expensive so I could get more colours. Black is the next one on my list.

And a friend called in for a natter while I was sitting around. She laughed at the netties the nurse gave me to wear for theatre. (Those who dont know what netties are, they are like disposable knickers made of net) I of course looked at them in discrace, like I usually do and declared that I wasnt going to wear them. So instead she decided she was.
I think they kinda suit her. Though, I think when she heard that super heros wear their underwear on the outside, she might have taken it a bit wrongly.

When I came around after theatre, I wanted to try and leave myself some messages ha, I wanted to jot down things such as what hurt the most and such so I could prepare for next time. Well as you can imagine, me + 10mg of Morphine + a touch screen= jumbled up letters that mean nothing haha. I realized they didnt mean much so instead, I took a couple of photos, hoping to kinda convey things. blah

I remember trying to take it, but I couldnt get my eye lids to go up high enough to see my eyes haha. Its strange though, as the colours seem right on it, but my hair looks so faded and washed out, yet it isnt anymore, its bright and its bold still (though i have roots)

This one was the same thing the next day

Its odd thinking back. Everything was so clear. Yet now, I only vaguely recall the first 3 days.

Yeah, I liked playing with my camera anyway.

Oh look, its dinner time. yum
I do have some more exciting menu pics, but I will post them up at a later date.

And the things you do when your bored. (though the nurses keep taking my pile of medi pots and putting themin the bin :( which is mean) Though maybe for the best, as I was wearing them as glasses last week on web cam to my dad.

Yeah, while I had no voice, my dad wanted to keep in touch, but his typing method is still find and peck, which is so painfully slow. So instead, we set up web cams and he was able to talk and i could type my reply. :)

Anyway, nuh night

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  1. I am the coolest super hero like evah!