Friday, May 13, 2011

Im so dizzy

Tonight's post was going to be about the strange last few days and the hopeful for the next few.
Well that has now changed, not to mention blooger are being really silly as well.

Today, I planned to rest, to begin to wean down pain meds, aim to get rid for the NG tube  and generally be more mobile.

However, this afternoon,  I have begun to feel increasingly dizzy. The kinda you get when you go home after a few drinks, lie down and see the celling revolving. My sats are still a littleon the low side,sticking at about 91% on rest. I have still been up and mobile,but I feel like Iam leaning to one side.

One of the docs came in and performed a neuro tests on me, all the while I complained about not needing so much fuss. I actully screwed up half of the test, to the point, where the doc had hold of me as he thought I was goinug to fall. I cant see what I am typing either as its easuer to see if I have one eye shut.

It is getting worse and more and more noticable.
For now, we are going to monitor things and take as much morphine and painkillers out as I can stand. Not to mention still waiting on cultures to see of anything os wrong.
Mpw meed s;ee[/

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  1. Woried...any change??
    Let us know how you are when you can ok??
    thoughts, prayers and love with you