Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Tonight, is the first night I have gone up the stairs walking and not feeling like I had just run a marathon. Lately I have taken to crawling up the stairs as it just easier. It amazes me how much my breathing effects my muscles. On bad days, every time I lift my leg or arm, it feels like I am lifting weights. Tonight, I dont feel so bad and I begun kidding myself that perhaps things were settling.

Today, I took a big step. I used the wheelchair to help my mum with shopping. It did make things easier, and I didnt feel so exhausted that I could cry at the end of shopping. The sad part? It is probably the last time I will be able to use the wheelchair with my mum for a while.

She goes for her surgery on Wednesday. They have decided on a lumpectomy and removal of a couple of lymph nodes. They will then test the lymph nodes and the surrounding tissue to see if she needs further surgery and from there set a schedule for treatment and such.

I often go through phases with music. I find an artist or song who I love, put them on repeat and listen to them continually till I get bored. I hate doing it as I kill the song, but at the same time I love it. Right now, I am spending a long time just resting and listening to Joshua Radin.

I have also been playing with some watercolor paper to make some images.

I wanted to experiment mainly, but I also wanted to make a special card for my elderly neighbor for easter. Ideally, I need to do a little bit more on it in the morning, as I think it needs a little bit of purple in the top right.

What do you think? I should have spent a bit more time on it, but overall I like it I think.

Happy Easter every one.
And as easter is all about new life and beginnings, I hope that it rings true for you all, especially those on the transplant list :)

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  1. Hoping you have a great day. Happy Easter.