Tuesday, March 15, 2011

long day

Today has been a bit of a struggle.
I had to be up early and moving to get to the hospital in time for ENT clinic.
Went through all the performance of a hearing test, saw the doctor for the results and he cant tell me if there is any change. The hospital seem to have lost my regular notes (They lost them about a year ago and they still havnt turned up) And they have just updated their computer system so my old hearing record was not accessible on their computers. They did however give me a copy of my hearing graph as I have to send them to a couple of places and such.

So, I had an old copy at home and was able to compare it. I would estimate that there is maybe another 10% loss on top of what I already had. The lines still seem the same, just dropped down a few lines/decibels. And one ear actually drops into the profoundly range. Not good, especially as I have no idea why it has dropped. I know that I have not had any Gentamicin, so why has it dropped. Have to wait for my audiologist to follow me up now. Another appointment to put on the list.

I promptly went home and slept all afternoon. Still trying to find some energy, but I get to sleep in a little in the morning I hope, though mum is off so not so sure.

So much going through my mind at the minute. Fear for next month, pain and tiredness from my chest, exhaustion in general.

May tomorrow be a better day.

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