Monday, March 14, 2011

coughy cough

Last night and again tonight, I find myself reaching for the painkillers. Its not throat pain this time though. My back, shoulders and abdomen, ache so much. I can ignore it for the most part, but then, I go into a coughing fit and find myself clutching my sides, trying to suppress the cough as it hurts to much. Feels like I have spent a couple of hours in the gym.

I am very productive and very cough ridden at present. I have been making sure that I am active so that things dont settle, but I have a feeling there is still some sort of infection in there. The main problem with this? I am still on antibiotics and in fact finish the course tomorrow. Although, I have had no temperature, I dont think that I have been infection free for at least 6 weeks. Antibiotics dont seem to be shifting it and I am worried about the damage that it is doing to my lungs.

I should make a GP appointment, but my regular GP is off at present and after the whole emergency appointment with the other doc and then canceling the follow up due to sneaking off to London, I would really like to avoid seeing her with this. Maybe, I just dread getting an I told you so off the doctor and her saying something like, quicker treatment might have prevented this. blah.

I dont want this to still be in my chest on the next London surgical trip. That could be disastrous. Perhaps a course of IVs would help, but that would mean being in the Royal, and who knows what I will end up with in there. And home IVs wouldnt be an option, I dont think, due to infection and lousy veins.

Lets see how tonight goes. Hearing test in the morning and hopefully, my chest will have stopped playing up.

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