Monday, March 21, 2011

All Change.

Yup, I no longer have washed out blue hair with roots down to my ears. Its actually a normal colour, though I am not sure if I like it yet. Its nice, dont get me wrong and it looks better than it did, but I like my bright hair. However, it still seemed to be comming out a lot, so I didnt want to do anything harsh to it and so this shade is staying for a little while. Though, I may put a real red over the top of it at some point.

And guess what I did last night?!?!
Nope, I didnt spend the night in front of the tv like I usually do on a Saturday. I actully went out, in the night, with people my age woowoo. It was a friend of a friends birthday, so we to a local pub/club and had a few drinks and did a bit of dancing.

They were all very thoughtful and grabbed a table right by the dance floor and chair, so I could sit. I didnt sit that much to be fair, but I was able to sit and recharge during the songs I didnt like, and stand and kinda dance to the songs I did like. I even got on the dance floor at one point, but didnt stay long due to the smoke machine.

It was loads of fun though. Great to be mixing. I was more than apprehensive before going out, as I thought it would be awful, as I wouldnt be able to hear what they said to me and they wouldnt be able to hear me as I cant get my voice loud enough. But again, they were all thoughtful. My friend did the drinks orders and when talking to me, stood next to me right by my ear. Really good fun.

Its been a nice few days. I was sorting some stuff out to go in frames around my room as it needs brightening up a little. So, I have been routing through all my folders of pictures. They bring back lots of memories and I am once again reminded of the people I have around me and the sheer amount of fun I have had. So much so, I was spoilt for choice for a fair few pictures. I may post some of my frames up once they are done.

I think, I am settling into a pattern that is making things easier to deal with. I was orginally, trying to get out the house everyday, but I was finding myself struggling to cope with things or get things done that I needed to. But now, I am more so only going out maybe once or twice in the week and then once at weekends. I am coping much better, not feeling as drained all the time and having the time and energy to do some of the things that I want and need to do.

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