Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have had a wonderful, exhausting, fun few days.

I took my youngest niece and nephew to London for a couple of days.

And even met my new man (he just dosnt know it yet) on the subway. From the side he looked like the Vampire Eric from true blood *swoons*

Oh and that is my hat, but my niece stole it!

We had bubble milk and Banana soup. The soup was ok, but the bubble bits are semolina ick.

It was fun and very exhausting. Though, we could have spent much much longer there. I love spending time with the kids, especially when I get to play the adult, dealing with bed times, bath times and food. I like the way things are at the moment, I am at the age now, where I can kinda whisk in and play the cool Auntie role that I have always wanted. They listen to me and do as they are told, so I dont have to do any of the horrible shout at them bits, just the fun stuff.

Its great in a way, as I have said before, the kids know that I am sick all the time and the youngest, Bethany, wont remember a time when I wasnt sick. But if anything should happen to me, I dont want them to think of me as sick, I want their memories to be of fun times and lots of love. I think I have achieved that.

Though, it is kind of bitter sweet. By building nice memories with them, I am in fact getting closer to them and should anything happen, it will be more upsetting. Bethany confessed to me the other day, that there is one song that reminds her of me and every time she hears it she cries. Apparently she listened to it lots when I spent last Christmas in hospital.

This makes me sad, but the lyrics do fit. Especially the bit about hearing your voice. We do have a very close relationship and she is the one I would miss the most, that kind of unconditional love and having her come to me for advice and such.

In other news, I got in trouble for canceling my doctors appointment last week (oops) They apprently rang ours to get in touch and spoke to my mum. My Tacrolimus levels where messed up and through the roof (Hence why I was feeling so rough) and I had grown an infection in my sputum off my chest again and so needed antibiotics.

So I started the anti biotics as soon as I got home on Monday, but I had a follow up appointment today. She told me to stop the antioboitcs and gave me a new set, as my chest had then gone on to grow a second further infection that needed different anti biotics, fun fun fun. One of them was Staphylococcus aureus, again and I forget what she said the second one was, I think it was Haemophilus influenzae. But at this rate, I am going to end up getting medication resistant to the staph. Thats at least 8 times in less than a year and I am doing everything I can to keep my chest clear.

So more antibiotics, this time with the ones that mess horribly with my stomach, oh joy of joys. And more bloods at the end of next week to check kidneys and medication levels. My doctors just love me, can you tell hehe.

Oh and where I have the sore nose off my humdiferie, is also the same infection as on my chest, so I need to stop using my humdifier until everything has cleared up. Oh well. sleep time now.

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