Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cant keep me down

This morning I felt miles better than I had for the past week. I managed to get, before my alarm, showered, dressed and did a few bits about the house all before Mum came in. I have been out and walking and it felt good. The breathing isnt great, in fact, I had to nip back to a shop for something for my sister, and heading back I felt like I may pass out as I just couldnt breathe enough to walk faster than a stroll. But you know what, it might be tiring and it might suck to have to walk slow, but I am a million times better than I was a while back and I need to remember that. I may have a long way to go yet, but, thinking about it, it is a while since I last had the whole house up, while I coughed my guts up, or paniced my mum at stupid am by not being able to breathe. Nor  have I coughed so much that I needed to sleep right afterwards as I felt so drained.

So, I must be getting stronger and better right? This is a good thing. I know it is. And on with the new attitude. My niece and Nephew are off on half term this week. I wanted to spend some time with them, but hadnt been able to with feeling so rough. But sod it. I feel ok right now, so I am going to be spending from tomorrow morning till mondayish with them. Having fun, giving them a break from norm and just generally doing what Aunties are meant to do. Its going to be a blast. And I am going to make some great memories with them.

I can do this. I can pace myself and I can get where I need to to have fun. This is good good.YAY.

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