Thursday, January 20, 2011


This week so far has been good. Dad has gone back to work after being off for the holidays and because everyone is settling back to normal, they are all tired. This means that, a lot of afternoons are now spent at home, while the parents gently nap in front of the tv, I am able to sit and do things, which is a heck of a lot easier than being out and moving.

My room at present is like a little creativity thing, I have so may projects that I want to do, but I cant seem to stick at just one, so I do buts here and there and play around. But its good, its keeping my mind and hands busy.

Last summer, I began working on a circle skirt that I wanted to make. I cut it all out, though I made a few mistakes and got hald way through pinning it. Since then, it has kinda sat in my wardrobe. I was really struggling to use Mums sewing machine. Its older than me and is a big heavy thing, which made it diffcult to get out and put away, not to mention, it was hard to thread up and such. So for christmas my parents bought me a new machine, a smaller lighter machine, that does nearly everything mums machine does. Well I finally finished that skirt from last summer.
ok, its not perfect, but for a first try, I am pretty happy with it. Its lovely and cool and in the summer, I can wear it inthe garden and such or even put a petticoat under it and have it as a stick out skirt.

I had also promised a friend a sock monkey for christmas,but ran out of time, so I was able to finally get this finished.

I have since made an Elepant, but I am going to redo him a little to make him into a door stop.

I am currently working on two different canvas pieces. The first one, I want to draw on, possibly with a quote and then embroider it, no idea if it will work or if the canvas will just rip. And the second one is that I am having a go a photo onto canvas.

Today, I treated myself to a embossing machine, which takes really pretty paper, though now I keep looking at new plates for it, so many designs to chose from. Shame no one had a birthday coming up.

As for breathing, it feels better and I am managing to sleep of a night, however, it takes me a long time to wake up of a morning. From my alarm going off, to actually being able to get downstairs, is probably about an hour. I tried to speed it up today and be dressed and ready to go out in an hour and 20 mins, but I felt very rough and could not stop shaking. Breathing I can do fine as long as I am sitting, if I walk slow, I get a little out of breath, but if I need to walk fast, I pant. I am also struggling now to carry a handbag with me, the weight of it feels like it is dragging my chest to the floor.

After a while, I find myself getting air hunger, just feeling like I am breathing the right amount, but not getting the right amount, kinda like I want to take a deep breath, but its not coming naturally. Still had no appointment through from London, have to chase it up tomorrow possibly. We shall take things one day at a time and see how things go.

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