Friday, December 24, 2010


I appologise for lack of updates, I usually do my blog just before bed, but this week, by the time I have gotten into bed, I have literally collapsed with exhaustion, not that I have gone straight to sleep but blah.

Firstly, and I think most importantly, Andrea got her transplant!!! WOO WOO!! Surgeons said the op went easier than expected, she was taken off the ventilator the same night and sitting up by the next day. She still has a lot of pain and a long way to go, but things are looking oh so good!! This, is the easier bit now, the getting better, the recovering. I think it is much easier to recover, when a positive end is in sight, when you know it will all be worth while. What a christmas gift huh. Still rooting for you Andrea! You can do this!

As for me, life has been hectic or exhausting. I keep telling my mum, that every time that I go out and I have to push myself, my breathing gets a little bit worse and it dosnt re improve, so I try to avoid going out as much as possible to sustain my throat over the holidays. Everyday she comes home and says, why are you not ready, we need to go out. Gah go out yourself!!

Had a doctors appointment today. Due to the amount of antibiotics I have had over the last 10 months in addition to my meds which are harsh on the stomach, I am having a lot of stomach issues. As I cant get rid off the cause by stopping any of the meds, I am now starting on yet another new med, oh the joy. (Icky bit coming up so you might want to skip the rest of this paragraph) The doc also thinks I need to be running extra nebs as my cough is annoying and yet again coughing up hard chunks (lovely)  Apparently, this is from my lower airways and all due to me not being able to get enough air out of my lungs in a cough, so it just kinda sits there and dries (hence why I often get a pain in my lungs) especially when I am asleep as my body gets lazy and dosnt breathe as hard, until I am able to get it out ick. Due to it sitting on my chest, I need to doubly keep an eye on my temp and seek treatment, should I get any rise.

Oh, in other news, I decided that I was changing my hair colour for christmas. I wanted to go turquoise and purple. I but the bleach stripping stuff on that I normally use. Did my hair go white? yellow? orange? nope!! It is bright neon bubblegum pink, with glowing white roots! I used a new red dye last time I did it (still semi perment) but it must just have way more staying power than previous ones, and a bleach, that I have perviously used to take black dyed hair to white, would not take all the red out. Looks like I will have to go back to red for Christmas, though mum keeps trying o talk me into going a natural colour (nah)

Tomorrow, I am sitting in the hospital for 3 hours with my niece (makes a change from me) She has broken her wrist (again!) so she has to go for some special bone scan with contrast dye. Joy of joys. I also have mums stocking to finish another sock monkey and a ton of wrapping! I just wrapped most of mums stuff and it took me nearly 2 hours gah!

oh wel, hopefully the stress will be over in a couple of days and I can chill out a bit more hehe.
I shall leave you with a picture of our tree.

And my grumpy Hermy, who was sitting on the fireplace getting a warm off the fire. Dont think he likes having his picture taken.

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