Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas

Ok, so I am late, but I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

It has been hectic but wonderful here. Right now, I would love to curl up in bed and sleep for at least a week. Kinda makes me sad that Mum and Dad are off work so I am unable to sleep all day hehe.

I didnt manage to finish off all my handmade presents, but out of the ones I did finish, they were prefect. My sister loved the calender that I made with my niece and her scrapbook. The work I put into it, was so worth it, just to see her face when she opened that first page, and even more so the second page when she realized the pictures where her pictures and not just ones I had stolen from the internet. What was more funny, was her trying to work out, how I had managed to get hold of all her photos that she didnt even know where they were.

Adam, seemed to love his Canvas picture and so I have promised to do him a couple more in the future. Bethany loved her photobook from out holiday and Jess liked her sock monkey. It has been a good year.

Christmas presents are always an odd thing. When I buy presents, most of the time, I try to aim for something that really suits the person. If I am short on time, I end up doing what I did last year and just looking for something in my price range that the person will like. There is a big difference between something that suit a person and something a person likes, mainly thought. In a way, I think, perhaps times when presents have been what I was after (Not that I am ungrateful, just more so, when you think, what kind of person am I if they think this is my type of item. The one that sticks to mind most on this aspect was the year my main present was a computer chair for my bedroom, when I was in the box room and having a chair in my room would have meant falling over it every time I got out of bed.) But I am maturing my thoughts a little and realise now, that most people have so much on their mind, or they dont know the person well enough, to buy something that truly suits them.

Alison, completely nailed nailed my present on the head this year. It is the best present that I have had in a long time (again not to be ungrateful, but you know how it is when something just clicks.) We had been talking about Stieff bears, as she had never heard of them and was amazed that a soft toy could go for so much money. She also knows my love of tortoises. So this year, she bought me the most gorgeous Stieff tortoise. He has the perfect facial expression and is just so soft. I know that she had spent a lot on it, but I can tell right from the start, not only did she put a lot of thought into it, but that teddy, will be something that I will keep forever and probably pass down through my family.

I am sure I did have other things to ramble on about, but it is just turning into ramble now ha.
Oh and Andrea (from 2 entries before this) was mved out of ICU on Christmas eve. She is doing amazingly well and it still astounds me.

Oh and yeah, rubbish photos, but my hair has changed colour :) After my bleaching disaster (Did I even right about that?) If I didnt, well, I tried to strip my hair to white ready to put my new christmas colours on it. But instead of white, I ended up with neon bright bubblegum pink frizz. The last red was just too stubborn to wash out.

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