Tuesday, December 21, 2010

She got a cal!

A while back, I liked to Andrea's Blog (Here). She is an amazing person. She is currently awaiting a heart transplant, but raising a lot of awareness and keeping active whilst waiting. She even does yoga and pole dancing, with her backpack, carrying her heart pump, literally, her heart is in her bag and she still does all this!!

Well, I logged on this morning and she has gotten a call!! She i sin the hospital now, on that oh so long dreaded wait while you sit there waiting to find out if your life is about to change forever!

Anyway, Andrea, you are an amazing amazing lady, I really hope this is the one for you and that this Christmas, you get the best gift of all, to live again!!

I have everything crossed for you and I am praying for you!

YesI know I look crap lol. But can everyone keep her in their thoughts and such. 

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  1. Me again (Kelli...posted on yesterdays)
    Sending good luck to your friend (and you, too). Can you let me know if you hear any news?
    Love ya