Monday, December 13, 2010

Reflection and London Christmas

Im in London!!!
So fun.
The past still plays on my mind, but I have been reflecting on it more so today.

But, right now I can say that the past is in the past and I am living for the now, more so I am living for the memories. When I get sick or things get scary, my favorite way of keeping sane is to remember the past. I want to make sure I have plenty to remember. Its time I began to live.

Tonight, we have been for a walk around Southbank christmas market. it was so pretty.
Houses of Parliament looked very pretty in the night time.

And seeing the Christmas Market all light up, with the smells and sounds all around. The carolers where sining hyms and there where chestnuts and mulled wine all around.

Of course, the hats where great. I particularly like the dinosaur one!

And my niece looked pretty in the flower one.

Though, I think I did look a bit silly, walking down the road with a mug of hot mulled wine in my hands. But it was warm and oh so yummy! And I got a pretty mug (Not that I drink out of mugs hehe)

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  1. Wow, Kim...those news reports were very disturbing to read...can't possibly imagine how you are feeling.
    *sending love and hugs*