Monday, December 13, 2010

My niece is no longer a child.

So today, was my nieces 18th. It is so strange to think of her as an adult!
I look at her sometimes and I think, she is so young and then at other times, I think of where I was upto at 18. Its hard not to compare my life with hers. by 18 I had moved out, had a transplant, numerous surgeries, lost my hearing, been through court trails gone back to being a baby and relearnt everything, from walking to eating and god knows what else. She often complains about how unfair the world is and how everything goes wrong, yet she has been to college and had friends and parties and proms. I am glad she has had things easier, but sometimes, I guess its hard to not compare things and wish she were sometimes a little more grateful for what she has.

That being said, she is a sensible young girl/woman. and perhaps once she gets through the dramas of being a teenager, things will improve. I probably would have been the same way, had I not had some of the things I did.

Anyway, I finished her present and I was very proud of it, if I do say so myself. Her main present is that I am taking her to London for a couple of days, which involves trains and hotels and transport and such. But I had to have something to give her on the day. She loves Dopey from Snow white, so I had manged to get a Disney musical ornament shipped out from New York, but it didnt come in any type of box. So I made one. This is how it turned out. (though the pictures are crap as it was kinda shinny and so the light kept reflecting off it and I didnt have time to get my big camera out.)

And with the music ornament in it. (I even got the picture from the film to match up with it)


She seemed to like it.
This is how the box started off life.

As a christmas bottle gift box. 

Cut down to size and a few windows put in place. Though let me tell you, cutting a straight line on a cylinder, is not an easy task. Oh and I discovered that I needed to peel off the original cover, as it was glossy and the glue wouldnt stick to it (Though I found that out after I had done most of the top, when the pictures slid off.)

I found a snow white children's picture book for a few pence in a charity shop. If you notice I look sad in this picture. It was a real struggle to cut this book up. First of all, I was bought up, never to deface a book. That books are precious and so on. I dont think I ever ripped pages or drew in books even as a toddler. But more so, this book appears to have been an original from when the movie was released.

It was dated on the back as 1985, so the book is actually older than me. I will admit that I looked it up on the web to make sure it wasnt a collectors item and such, and it was pretty cheap on Amazon, so with a heavy heart, I took a pair of scissors to it and cut out the pictures. 

Then it was just a matter of using some school glue (PVA, oh how I love that stuff) and sticking the pictures down in a random order, but making sure to get special pictures where they could be seen. I then mixed some glue with a little water, to create a varnish and painted the whole thing. The cover of the book, made a great extra shinny cut out for the top of the box.

The only issue I had with it, was that, because of the extra layers, putting the box on the lid, became a little tight. This was a good thing for my project, but something I need to remember if I ever do it again. Anyway it looked really vintage and set the music box off a lot. As snow white is a vintage film I thought it was very fitting.

I do however, have a fair few pictures left, hmm what to do with them. I must find a use.

Oh man, I just realized, I just wrote that whole thing as if I were in school, with an introduction, evaluation and conclusion haha. See some things do stick with you from school hehe.

As for me, right now, I have this sharp stabby pain in my right lung when I breathe in, I hope that its not another infection. I have managed to drop my peak flow from about 250 to 150 in the last 3 days. I can feel it. But right now, I dont have time to be sick, or to rest. I leave for London tomorrow morning and I need to be able to go have fun. I am looking so forward to this and I will not let sickness get in the way. I have a few antibiotics left, so I may throw them in my bag just incase. 

I should go sleep if I am to go to London tomorrow. Oh and perhaps I should do some packing too. oops. And sort my meds. 

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