Sunday, December 12, 2010

I promised a couple of photos once my web cam was working. I only had a few of the bits in my room, so snapped a quick few pictures before putting them in my top secret storage box (Which I have only just got haha) I decided that it appeared that my craft stuff was going to be taking pride of place in my bed room for a while now, but I can keep lifting my 2 boxes off the shelf as they are getting heavy. So I stole my mums old draw unit (It only had christmas decs stored in the loft) and now most, of my frequent use stuff is in that, at the end of my bed. No more tripping over boxes, glue guns and other random junk that was scattered all over my room (and mainly the floor)

This meant that one of my craft boxes was now empty. So it became present storage. (YAY) Which in turn means I can store my meds properly instead of on the floor as I had presents stored in y spare med drawer. Anyway, pictures.

Adams canvas is complete. I think perhaps it turned out a little too crowded, but it is growing on me. And it has all his favorite things on it. I will see how this one goes down, but I may end up doing some more after christmas, perhaps even adding colour.

My sisters scotland scrapbook, is complete. I am really looking forward to seeing her open this. Although, I may just tape a disc to the back cover with the photos on so she can get reprints or enlargements if she wants.

And this is the start of my mums christmas stocking. I had to stop, as I needed to find a bigger piece of felt for the body of the stocking, but I have been to a couple of places and cant get it right now. Instead, I have raided my mums old material collection (Can you tell I had a productive hour in the loft), she hasnt sewn properly in about 8 years. I found this wonderful navy stiff fabric, that will be great for backing.

That is all the pictures I have right now. I have been working tonight on my nieces 18th present, but will probably post more about that in a couple of days. 

The next 2 weeks are going to be hectic. I have so much to do. Yet I am looking forward to so much. Probably putting the tree up tomorrow. Then Monday, off to London. London will involve lots of Christmas things, plus a change of hair colour and perhaps, if I keep up the courage and I can afford it, a tattoo. I want to get it on my transplant anniversary, which will be Tuesday and will mark 8 years!! Its amazing, the thing we thought would be the hardest to adjust to (the liver transplant) is the thing that has given me the least bother. Everything there is looking fine.

As for breathing? My peak flows have dropped over the last couple of days, not by loads, but I can really feel it. A lot of the time, I dont notice that I am panting, I just keep going through it. But the issue I have now, is that my chest muscles seem to be too tired to breathe. The only way I can think to describe it, is when you have been running or even a long walk, and you get tired, and your legs just feel heavier, like each step is more effort. Of course you can still do it, but its harder and more tiring. That is how my chest muscles feel sometimes. I will be out of breathe, and know that I need to Breathe faster and deeper, yet my chest says no, its too much effort to make those breathes.

But I am determined to make this. I am not having any admissions over Christmas and I will last till my next surgery which is the 10th Jan. I just got to take my time.

Anyway, bed times, night.

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