Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I have 3 big burns on my fingers, two of which have now blistered oops. Can you guess what I got for christmas from this haha. Yus a curling wand. They do make such pretty curls, but you dont get the sliilly little clip to hold the hair in, hence the burnt fingers. And they get super hot very quick, which is good as they hold the curl better, but not so good for your hands. My current straight hair.

And after a play with the wand.

I think that I need some practice, but its differnt.

Today has been a real lazy day. I got up feeling exhausted. Mum and Dad were going out, but I chose to stay at home. I was back on my bed by 1 and awoke when they came in at 4. oops. Still feel tired, yet not done anything. So off to bed for me. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have a little more energy.

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