Saturday, December 18, 2010

home ahhh

I am now home and tucked up in my own bed.
Oh what a few days.

On Wednesday, we had planned to have a ride on the London eye. Jess Nan had given us the money for it, as a special present for while we were away. However, it was really misty and we figured that we would not be able to see much. When we checked the weather, it was forcast to get worse. So instead, we decided to go to Ripley's Believe it or not instead. We had yummy donuts just before we went in (mm sugar)

We then saw lots of fun and strange things.

This painting was on a tortilla wrap.

And this one made out of gum balls.

We then went to Winter Wonderland, in Hyde Park. It was huge!!

 It was so pretty. So much light and colour.

This was the German bar.

And Santa had words with me.

This thing talked to us.

It took a fair while once we were back to warm up again, but I did get to try hot cider yum! And most items here where much cheaper than South Bank Christmas Market that we went to. Though, I probably spent way to much.

The next day, we didnt do much. We were pretty tired, so we watched some True blood with take out and packed our stuff up. In the Evening, we visited Harrods, which was so busy.
We met my friend at Harrods, so that was fun and then we went for a nice chinese meal in China Town. By the time we got back to the hotel, we were running very late. Of course, I cant run and struggle to get my case up stairs so Tubes were out of the question and there was no sign of a bus. Ended up getting a taxis and making it on to the train just in time. It was a good few days in London, though my bank balance will be paying for it for a while yet.

This evening, I went to visit my sister with my friend Alison. As we arrived in her house (about a 20 min drive away) it began snowing. We didnt stay long, I needed to sort her computer and we had some tea. By the time we left, the snow was just above my ankles and the roads were so slippey. Alison didnt like driving very much, but we took it slow and steady. Eventually we got home just on 2 hours after we left and the snow is still coming down so I dread to see it tomorrow. Apprently, town, is like bumper cars. The buses have all been called off the road and the taxis have all gone in as its to dangerous. Oh the joys of winter. And this is forecast to last till February. 

These were in my sisters Garden, just after it began to snow.

This is her tree, that we helped put up a couple of weeks ago.

And this was the side of the road going home. Traffic on the other side of the road had to be stopped, due to a truck not being able to make it up the hill. A tractor came out and towed him up in the end, but not before leaving a huge traffic jam.

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