Monday, November 15, 2010


My weekend has generally been ok. Still waking people up with my cough of a night time, but my breathing dosnt seem to bad. Well I say it isnt, people still keep commenting on it, about how I sound like I am panting and I guess sometimes I am, but its not something I notice until its pointed out, so perhaps its not a major concern. I actully found my peak flow meter yesterday, after having lost it in the tip that is my room a few weeks back, and at the moment, they are pretty high. I think the worst part, is that my neck and shoulder muscles seem to ache all the time, but I am going to have to start taking some routine painkillers anyway.

I have found, that my throat, actually feels raw and sore most of the time now. I can block it out, but when it comes to coughing, I find myself screwing my eyes up to ignore the throbbing pain. This in turn leads to me trying to avoid coughing. With my history of pneumonia, its really not a good thing to happen. So starting in the morning, I am going to attempt to take regular pain meds and see if it helps.

Today was quite fun. Real christmas trees never seem to live long in our house. Having the heating on and people in and out all the time becomes a major problem, so we tend to have an artificial tree now. We got one, when I was a lot younger, I must have been maybe about 10 and Dad and I hated it. It came out most years, with the occasional year were Dad and I would have a quiet word, leading to getting up early whilst Mum went to work and buying a real tree and getting it up right before she came home.

But last year, with the whole hospital goings on, we kept with the fake tree. By the end of the year it had pretty much fallen apart and we decided to throw it out. So this year, we need a tree. Not knowing what is going on, makes it too much to have a real one, so we went out this weekend to have a look at some Garden centers to see if they have any.

We came home with a beautiful tree, I must say. Its 8 ft and has pine cones and red berries on it. I cant wait to see it decorated. Hopefully, my photography skills have improved in the last couple of years and I can get some real nice photos this year. This is one for a couple of years back.

My buy of the day, was a large clip on flower (Peony) in Gold. I am going to have so much fun with it this year. I have already just been playing on my web cam.

My original was that, if I had a plain top or dress over christmas, I could perhaps glitz it up by clipping this on, or even, to wear it in my hair. I think it is a little to big for that, but I could adjust it. But I also think that it would be a lovely prop to use in photography. I want some nice family pictures this year and the biggest problem I have is that when I photograph my niece, she always looks like she is posing. Natural photos are much nicer!! And perhaps, if I get her to play with this, it might work. Now if only I could find a teenage boy style prop too!!

Of course all this talk of christmas is making me realize how much I have to do if I want to succeed in getting a personalized gift to all my close people this year. I havnt even thought of anything for my Mum yet. I was thinking perhaps I could make her a stocking, but I havnt really got the time to stitch anything fancy as I am a super slow sewer. I have an idea of how I could do it, but after scouring the web, I cant find anyone having written about doing something similar, so perhaps it wont work. I was going to kinda, cut a design out like a jigsaw in card, cover with appropriate material and lightly stuff, then use my hot glue gun to stick the fabric on the back. If it works, it would make a kind of 3D material picture, that I can then use as the front of a stocking. I need to experiment.

But then my logic brain kicks in and says, well you need to finish some of the other projects on the go first, like Adams picture and Shells album, but there are things that need doing sooner, such as mums birthday Flower basket and Alisons birthday present. But then, if I dont try the glue gun thing, I wont know if it will work or not and that present will be left in the balance.

This week I am going to aim to get some of my projects finished, but I may also try to find some card and do a quick practice run of the glueing thing. eeps :)

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