Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I really dont want to get my hopes up, but things are seeming a little more positive in the whole breathing situation at present. Things dont feel like they have gotten any worse. I am over a week on from surgery and not feeling restricted yet. Fingers crossed this is a turning point.

So last time I posted to say I was going to get a lot of my half done projects finished. Did I do? nope haha. Still working on it. I tried with mums flower basket, but got nowhere, so I am going to try and get some more supplies for that tomorrow. I knew that I needed to get my glue gun out to see if my idea with the material will work, so I did that today and I think it will work. I now have a couple of little padded squares of material and cardboard around my room hehe. So I now need to work on finding some scrap material or some pieces of felt. I also, started working on the cnadle holders for my sisters dinning room, but ran out of time to finish them, by the time I pulled my fingers off the glass jar a couple of time. Hot glue guns and I do not mix well!

Today, has mostly been spent helping mum out with a cake she is making for a friend in work. My body aches now from standing and leaning over painting things and such. Here is the finished result, please ignore all the crap in the background of the kitchen.

Its kind of a dual purpose cake. It is for a retirement, but once that is over with, you can lift the bath off and the letter off the front and it is a christmas cake. Under the bath the words Merry Christmas are etched in, and my mum is supplying her with a little flower holly style decoration to go on top. Mum would usually make her a christmas cake, but was doing the retirement one for a present for her. As they wont be working together anymore, she is unlikely to see her for Christmas.

And on that note, bed time, as I have plans for tomorrow so need to be up. :)

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