Friday, November 12, 2010


Ah, today has been an average day. Nothing major has happened, I have not achieved anything and yet it has been a good day.

Right now, my ideal pace in life is pottering. This is a stage I would normally associate with the elderly and yet I feel oddly comfortable here, for now it will do. I slept long last night, awoke and pottered about in the kitchen. My breathing is still not great, just tidying the kitchen, when mum came in she asked if I was ok as I as virtually panting.

Had my dinner and sat and let that go down. Did a few bits on the computer, did some tidying in the living room. Finally got around to scanning a couple of documents into the computer and rewiring the phone that I have been putting off for at lest a week.

Had tea and such and took some photos and listed some items on ebay. Once again something I have been putting off for a number of weeks. Ebay was being stupid and not agreeing with safari so it took triple the amount of time, but at least it is done.

This pace of life feels about right to me now. I am not fighting nor beating myself up over what I cant or havnt done. Its strange for years I have said that I dont want to have a boring routine life of getting up early going to work, coming home and going to bed. At yet, now I dont have that at all, maybe this is how I have a unquie life. Still it would get borining. Its hard to meet anyone and I want my life to have some purpose. But until I get to the point where I can say I am well, then I think I am happy to go with this. Of course there will be times when I push things, even if its only to help with shopping, but I can make allowances for that.

Basically put, I think I am learning to live in my own skin once again.There are limitations, but hopefully they are not permeant. For now, I shall enjoy what I have and make the most of my good days.

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