Saturday, November 06, 2010

Leeds 7 Caffeine

Tomorrow, I will ache and tonight I will sleep well.

Today, was my 6 monthly Liver Transplant check up in my transplant centre. Two hospitals monitor my liver, a hospital close to home, so that emergencies can be dealt with and basic monitoring and tests done and St James hospital in Leeds, which is my transplant centre. I was given the option not long after my transplant, of having all of my care transfered to my local hospital, but after many bad dealings with my local, including, missed or wrong medication and unhelpful teams that miss obvious things, I chose to stick with the transplant centre too. Basically, I trust them more and they have more of my surgical history up there. Not to mention, the main transplant surgeon is lovely and often comes to speak to me if I am on the ward up there or if I need any extra surgery such as Hernia repairs. So I am seen in the transplant centre every 6 months and my home hospital every 6 months inbetween, basically meaning I get checked every 3 months.

So this morning, it was an early start (for me anyway) and I had to be up for 8am!! For the drive to Leeds. Sue came with me and we had a laugh, singing to music and drinking energy drinks. Of course got stuck in all the peak hour traffic on the motorway, plus roadworks, so it took about 1.45 hours to get there, no a good day I can make it in 1.15. Clinic was busier than I have ever seen it, in a way this has to be a good sign right? But then, I am sure there is often 4 doctors on, but today only 2. So we were at the hospital for about 3 hours, by the time you do the whole weight, blood pressure, bloods, patient affairs thingy. Everything seems fine and the docs are happy enough with me.

So by the time we came out, it was past lunch time and I was hungry. So we had a quick wander around leeds, got some more energy drinks for the drive back and some chips for dinner and headed back, in the heavy rain. Driving across the Yorkshire Dales, is often chore, as it is one (if not the) highest motorways in Britain, so it usually windy, plus a lot of hills. The weather is often miserable and we have been known to get stuck in thick snow coming across it. This is one of the reasons we have clinic every 6 months landing in November and May, to avoid the worst of the weather.

So I got home and where I would usually be so exhausted from driving and being out that I would need to rest, instead, the caffine I had been drinking all day kicked in and I felt the need to do something with it. My room has been annoying me for days so I began to sort shelves out.

You see, I have this new addiction, I seem to have really gotten hooked into doing craft type things. Again, this was one of the things I used to enjoy doing before the whole depression thing kicked in. Well it seems to have come back again and I find myself either buying craft stuff, or searching my room for stuff. My craft box, consisted of an old shoe/boot box, so every time I wanted to get something, I would have to pull loads of stuff out, or else other items are spread around my room. So today, while out, I bought 2 new plastic storage containers.

I have just sorted 3 bin bags of rubbish and 4 bin bags of clothes and shows I dont want out of my room. My clothes are now folded on the shelf in coordinating piles instead of dumped on the floor or chair and more importantly, my craft stuff is all in a a nice big box (well its in 2 boxes, but once christmas hits, it should go back to one)

It still has a long way to go, but it is a million times better than it was. It is now 1 am and I have been on the go really since 8am. The caffeine has worn off now and I am ready to sleep. Cant wait to see my room finished and looking good for a change :)

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  1. Glad to hear things are going well with your liver.