Monday, November 08, 2010

3 weeks.

Friday was a good day, in the sense that I felt exhausted, but had reason for it, instead of feeling exhausted for no reason. I have however paid for it over the last couple of days.

Saturday, I just felt so drained from the moment I woke up, I couldnt even be bothered to eat or do much. Today, I woke late, had a bad night last night, once again not done much. Ha pretty much tried to look busy and a few hours after I woke, I was struggling to stay awake.

Last night, my dad woke my mum up at about 4 am to come in and check I was ok, she also came and checked on me at about 7 am to make me run a neb as I was coughing so much during the night that I kept them both away.

Tomorrow, I travel to London for admission and another ML (microlaryngoscopy)  and laser, fun fun fun. Hopefully this will only be a day admission, though dad keeps betting me that it will be at least a couple of days!

I am ready for this. I think that I have lasted longer with my breathing this time, as last time as well as laser, I had dilation (ouch) though mum thinks I am getting worse each time they operate. I guess I have to wait till tomorrow. I know I have been noisier this time.

Tomorrow is going to be a big step I think. I want some answers, I want to know where things go from here and what the size of my throat is now, compared with normal. I think plans are also going to have to be made. I cant keep doing this whole surgery thing. My body is not coping with it. It has been 3 weeks since my last one, one week recovering while feeling crap, then a course of antibiotics for a unknown infection with temp spike plus a bad cold on top of that. And now, tomorrow, my immune system will take another hit, from steroids and anesthetic. My immune system is fragile enough, it cant keep taking these hits.

I still remain hopeful. There must be more things they can try, more ways to fix things. Things have to improve from here right?

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  1. That sounds so awful. I am thinking of you and I hope the doctors find some better solutions.
    Take care of yourself, Kim. I am thinking healing thoughts.