Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I came here with something specific to write and now my head is empty. That is useful.

It has been a fun couple of days. I had my nephew staying since Sunday so we have mainly been playing wii, which is fine by me as I get to be lazy and not have to move much. We have been playing lego Harry Potter, which is a really fun game. Its kind of a two player co op style game, in that you have to work together to complete mission on it. Although I did find it more fun, just squashing him with random cars or shooting spells at him. There was even thins kinda chair, where the legs walked on it, that was pretty fun to chase him around on.

I like spending time with Adam, he is a teenage boy, yet he is growing into such a nice person. He is always checking on me to make sure I am ok and likes nothing more than to make me laugh. Some of the humor he comes out with does make you smile. He at one point was telling me how proud he is of how strong I am. How I just carry on and dont get sad even when things go crap. ha if only he knew. But it was nice of him to say.

I am slowly recovering from that random bout of illness. I pretty much feel back to my normal now, though I could still sleep for England. My only problem now is that I have developed a rattely cough. So much so that, I sound like a 90 year old smoker. Fed up of mum telling me that I sound like I have a lot on my chest. Feel like saying to her, yes I have, now what do you want me to do about it?

Saw my surgeon on Monday, its the first time since I have been going to London that I have seen him. He is really pleased to see me without the Trach, though he has not been sent any info about what they have done. He did however say that he is still happy to deal with me if I run into complications and such. That on its own takes a weight off my mind. I was always scared of running into problems here and him saying your not under my care now, you need to go through A&E. They really could mess things up, where as at least he knows the story and more or less what to do with my airway.

He also said that he thinks that I made the right descion and that he is pleased for me that they got the trach out. He didnt think they would be able to.

And that is my exciting week.

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