Saturday, October 23, 2010


Friday, I woke up and really did not feel well, but I had not been feeling well all week. I decided, I was going to be stuborn. I had made plans with a friend to go out and spend a nice day with her. It was a nice day, but it was hard work. After 10 minutes of walking, I began to feel like I was going to collapse. I was standing in a shop with her and at one point, I had to literally throw the stuff I had hold into her hands and get outside. I felt so shaky and hot, I thought I was either going to pass out or throw up.

I thought perhaps my sugars had gone funny for some reason, so I bought a coke to perk them up and some carbs to keep them up. The problem was getting them inside me, while feeling like I was going to vomit. After a bit of persuasion, and sitting near to a loo just incase, I managed to get them and after a little while of sitting still began to feel a bit better.

Went for dinner with my friend, mainly so I could sit and such. The exhaustion that came over me was so extreme. I drove her home, where I literally curled up on her sofa for an hour before I managed the drive home again. Got to ours, and virtually left my car in the middle of the road, the effort of parking it was just to much.

I had Alison coming in the evening so I would normally help my mum with tea and such, but I sat on the sofa and could not physically bring myself to move. I just curled up for an hour, shivering and feeling totally rotten. Alison came in and knew right away I wasnt well, I didnt even get up to answer the door to her, and I was bought up to be a good host. She sat next to me, telling me off for not canceling if I wasnt well. Of course, I kept on that I was fine and to stop moaning. I put on my hoddy jumper as I was cold, so I had a long sleeve top on, a knitted jumper and a big thick hoody and I was still shivering, while everyone else was complaining of being hot.

Alison made me check my temperature, which had risen to 38.1, then decided that she was calling the out of hours doctor to see me. It was kinda annoying but funny, the fact that she is my friend who comes to visit me for tea and instead ends up giving my full medical history, address, date of birth and doctor details via the phone. From now one perhaps I should refer to her as my second mum haha.

Anyway, the doctor wanted to see me, so I managed to shuffle out and Alison bungled me up in her car with the heaters on. Doc took my temp and it has risen again to 38.6, so he said I had an infection, but now to figure out what infection. Did all the usual stuff, water samples to rule out bladder and kidney infections and listened to my chest to rule out a chest infection. He said he thought my chest was clear, but could not be sure without an xray as my noisy breathing might very well mask and infection sounds.

He then gave me 2 choices. He said, idealy, he would like it if I went to hospital so that I could have some further tests and find out exactly where the infection is and the best way to treat it, I of course made a face. So he said, he could write me out some antibiotics and I could give them a go, but that, should I get worse, or show no improvement I had to go straight to A&E. Of course I went for the second option.

Once again with Alison playing mum, telling me to stay in the car while she went the chemist and generally looking after me and finally home, where I curled up and didnt move for another hour. With much reluctance I took some of my layers off and snuggled up in bed with my teddy feeling sorry for myself. When  heard my mum and dad coming to bed I even shouted my dad in to give my bear a goodnight kiss haha. Think he thought I had gone mad.

I slept ok, but kept waking up in pain and needing to move. Even now I am still in pain. Every part of me feels painful. My joints, my muscles and my skin. It hurts to even touch my arm, which gets awkward when it comes to sleeping. But the antibioitcs seem to be working and I feel a hell of a lot better than last night.

I honestly thought I would end up in hospital by this morning I felt so rubbish last night. All I could think of last night was please dont send me to the Royal, I couldnt be dealing with more poking and prodding. Lets hope I continue to improve. And I have a thoracic appointment Monday morning anyway, so if it hasnt perhaps my surgeon there can organize some cultures or something rather than dealing with admittance's.

I have y next London admission and surgical date, which is a week Monday, Looks like they are keeping on top of it after all and seeing me every 2 weeks. So I need to be fully recovered by then, else they surgery will just take too much out of me again.

Its really strange when the role of a friend and a career blur. You dont expect in your 2's to go and 'hang out' with a friend and instead end up looking after them. Such contrast, but she certainly is a keeper.

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