Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today has passed in a haze.
Broken promises
And sleep.

New nurse I didnt know on today, maybe she was a bank nurse. Seemed efficient to begin with. Told me off for not wearing my anti clot stuff, said she would get me new stockings and such. Asked about my dressings to which I told her I usually do it myself, but I was a little worried about it so could she have a look to which she replied that she would.

Slept most the morning and most the afternoon, waking for the occasional coughing fit and then back to sleep.
My neck and shoulders ache so much I feel like I have been in the gym for hours. I assume I am tensing when I cough as my ribs have been hurting.

Nursing shift (they do 12 hours shifts on this ward) just handed over and this mornings nurse spoke to me for the first time this morning, realizing she had forgotten to do my dressing and to do my obs and to sort out the anti clot stuff.

I feel rotten at the moment. You know that feeling you get before you come down with something. The aching, feeling cold, tired and just generally cant be bothered. 

I am going to take my night time meds early and curl up and sleep this off. 
Tomorrow is a new day and it has to be better than today right?

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