Monday, August 23, 2010


I slept deeply all night and though I didnt wake feeling refreshed, I did wake in a slightly better mood.

I did see the specialist doctors, though it was the same one that I said about the hole in my neck to last week. Again it was stated that this is normal and not to worry about it. I still dont think it is normal, but I have tried all my avenues and I have backed myself up, so at this point maybe its time to accept it. Below, I have linked to a picture of it. Its gross and not very clear as its a pretty hard place to photograph.

On the note of coughing all the time, he just said 'thats normal' gah. But he did say that given the gap, I need to be careful to support the tube when I cough to make sure it dosnt come out. Once he had one the doctor under him did make a point of asking me if the pain in my back was controlled and such and if I wanted any extra painkillers writting up to ask her. I like her, she is going far. And not just because she was nice to me. She has been back a few times and seems on the ball.

So thats basically it. They plan on taking me to theatre a week tomorrow to take the stent out. Its weird to think that in less than 2 weeks, I mayb be trach free and breathing freely. I really do hope this works out. Im fed up feeling rotten and being surrounded by other sick people. Its time to be moving forward.

Also, my biggest complaint with the whole hospital thing (apart from lack of info and support) was not being able to talk so not getting used to the staff or building a re-pore with them.n But I think that is happening anyway. A few times today, differnt nurses have walked passed and shouted hi or asked how I was. The cleaner always makes a point of saying hello to me and the kitchen staff not only know my orders, but offer me extras like biscuits and such.

So I am up and hair washed. Sitting in the chair instead of on the bed for a change. Today feels like its going to be a good day. Now if I can just get rid of this insane craving for takeout pizza. I wonder if there are any places open near by.

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