Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The better parts of moving

So new day and feeling a heck of a lot better than yesterday.
Its funny isnt it, when you have a really bad day it makes you realise that sometimes what you call a bad day isnt as bad as it could be. That is something that I need to keep in mind.

So I posted all the bad bits about the moving to Kings Cross, but there has still been some glimpses of good things mixed in.

For starters, I am really close to my friends house so I get to see her more.

Sam and Cam both came to visit me at the same time. I had just had my NG tube out so I gave them permission to come hehe. It was a nice catch up. I havnt seen Sam in at least a year and things with Cam had been tense. I had been to wrapped up in my own shit and my wind was warrped on medication for me to be the friend I should be. (more about medication later) So it was nice to just have company of friends.

One day, mum handed me a card. I thought it was going to be the usual soppy get well card that I usually get off her and dad where they profess their love me for and wish me well, but the writting on the envelope wasnt any I recognised. I curiously opened it and found this:

(Yes I do realise I look like I am eating the card :p )
Anyway, it was from 'Darius' who turns out is the person who runs the place where my parents are staying. He knows I am in hospital as he has been helping them extend their stay and helping with trains and stuff for my dad as well as transport advice. He basically said that he is thinking of me and wanted to send some positive vibes. :) The kindness of stranges never ceases to amaze me. And It amazes me even more how a simple act like a card from a stranger can totally change your day and give you faith back in humanity hehe.

Cam came back to visit again the other day, bring her special  recipe cakes, commonly know as Cams Hyper Cakes. They are called hyper cakes as they generally have more food coloring in them than any other ingredient. Loons like her go insane on the E numbers, but she had also added an adult touch of putting some peach scnappes in it nom nom.

And of course these have the advantage of turning your tongue blue.

Dad had to go home to work on Thursday. I felt bad for him as he got the cheaper train, which meant he didnt get back to Liverpool until midnight, which meant he had missed the last bus to our house, so he got one that went in the general right way. But then got stuck walking so it was very late when he got back home and had to go to work the next day. But he came back down on Tuesday night and I saw him yesterday and today. It was nice, I love me dad hehe (Im such a daddys girl) Though his sense of humor is to close to mine ha. Hes very sarcastic and mean in a nice way. For example, I joked while he was away that when he came back he would raid my cupboard for biscuits. First thing he did was that, but then told me it was only a trade as he bought me a happy meal hehe.

Not only did he bring me some stuff I wanted from home (mainly more books) but he also bought some cards one from my sister and one for my niece. The one from my niece absloutely brightened my day no end! Everytime I look at it I have to grin.

This is my younger niece who I took out for her birthday. We sat outside on the picnic bench with cokes and had fun. Which is exactly what she has drawn! Including my red hair! how great is that!! Inside she wrote sorry there the best people I can draw. Personally, I love it, I mean, I look a size zero to begin with, but dep down its so much more than that. It shows that the days I have tried to create happy memories with her, really worked. And that the main focus is things like my hair, not my ridclous scarfs I always wear ha.

Cam came again today, which was good. I actully left my bay ha and went to the 'day room' which isnt very nice and had a strange man sitting in it. But the sun was setting and we were watching all the planes land and take off from Heathrow. I will have to go investigate with my camera to show you at some point. Its really pretty, you can see the Thames and Harrords storage as well as the airport. The other side of the ward you can see the london eye, but I dont think I would be able to photograph that one as there are patient bays on that side.

hmm I am thinking of growing a beard. What do you think?


On another note, I have now come to the conclusion, that the meds to mess with my brain. I think this is the 3 or 4 time its happened now so that basically confirms it. When I am put on Augmentin, I turn evil! I really do mean evil. On about day 3 till about 24 hours after I finish them, I turn into mega bitch! I have all these evil thoughts and feelings about every one and express them at times when I probably shouldnt to people I probably shouldnt ha. So if you hear me being mean, its not really me, ha and it will pass soon and I will be back to my usuall bitter self :)

And on that note, I shall leave you with a song that has been stuck in my head for good reasons getting through this one.


  1. Yay for hyper cakes and spending time with you :)

    Can I please take the piss that you linked to Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana (I do love that movie!!!)

  2. Glad to hear that it was a better day! Also have to say that I have loved that song since I very first heard it!! Also = am sooo happy that your efforts to create the great memories with/for your niece have worked to such obvious good effect. Take care of yourself Kim, sending best wishes that your recovery continues to move you to where you want to be!!!

  3. Glad to hear things are going so well and you are connecting with friends.
    Bummer for your dad having to do all that walking to get home.
    I probably shouldn't start talking about Miley, I will just say bleck!
    Take care, Kim