Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bad Day

Today I planned to come and continue on my last weeks 'adventure'
But today has been a bad day and so I can not post with the vigor I wish ti enclouse.

Today, I have been rocked out of my safe cocoon.
Pain that comes and goes, but when it comes, it comes strong.
Its not in any of my operation site, its lower.

Trying to manage it, is it the pain meds causing it? Will the pain meds help with it?
Instinct tells me to wrap my body around the area. Yet that brings more pain from the rib.

Havnt eaten.

Begin eating light
It stays down and things look good
tea comes
One bite and the pain is back
curl up chest hurts again even more since vomiting
Mum makes me comfortable, fixing my pillows
Nurse comes with medication.
Deep breaths we can manage this probably just wind.
so much coughing

hot again
Temperature reads normal
Pulse a little high but nothing to bad for my normal.

Mum goes home.
pain eases a little
Try to sleep
not happening
Put a film on for distraction.
coughing again

Need to stay flat for pain.
nausea again
sight of tablets makes me nervous.

No idea where it all came from, i havnt eaten that much in hours.

Another wave knocks me sideways.
Try to ease it
I need to settle my tummy to get the meds to stay down.
coughing more
pain increases again

Make this stop.
Why is the path never straight.

Bury down into bed
throw off the covers
take off the machines
I need simple basic sleep.

Is this just a bad day
or a bug on its way
bloods tomorrow may tell more

Its hard to describe the pain with no voice
Its hard to get people to listen that its more than a little sickness
Let me sleep tonight
enough pain

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