Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sleep Leeds

Transplant clinic went ok, though I dont think that I was very good company for my dad. oops.
We left just after 8am. I knew I wouldnt have time to put any make up on on or fix my hair well, so I had piled most of my stuff into the car to do on the way. I like to look decent when I go to any medical appointments. I think that it plays a big part in the treatment you receive. For instance if you look like death warmed up and your labs are abnormal, they are more likely to admit you, than if you good and healthy with abnormal labs (they would try home treatment first)

But anyway, So I was meant to do all this stuff in the car, but I just didnt have the energy. We stopped for breakfast about 10 minutes from the hospital (I slept the journey from the hospital onwards) and while driving that last 10 minutes I pulled a comb through my hair and patched up the bags under my eyes.

At clinic, they tried several times to take my blood pressure but couldnt get a reading. As I looked ok, and it wasnt that long since I last had it taken, they decided to leave. I then sat in the blood for about 20 minutes while they tried to find a vein. They did eventualy get enough out of me (just) and then I saw the doctor. Nothing new, nothing changed, see them again in 6 months. (The bloods wont be back yet, but if there is a problem, they usually ring As they have not rang, I assume the bloods were fine)

Back in the car and I was asleep again before we got out of leeds. As I was sitting in the front of the car, there was no where to rest my head so I had a sore neck when I got home. Never good when you have a trach in.

Anyway, was home for about an hour, did some work on the computer then had dinner/tea. Went and sat on my bed to look at something and woke up again 3 hours later. I could have easily have slept right through. It took my forever to be able to wake up enough to get up.

I dont feel any better for all this sleep either, just tired and rough. I dont know if I am comming down with something. I was suppossed to do a sample this morning to see if there was anything breeding in my chest, but I couldnt get anything up, which is odd. What I have managed to get up through the day has be so thick, thick than I have ever seen it.

I cant decide if this is a positive sign or a bad sign. On one hand, im thinking, im coughing less and brining less up so perhaps its good. But on the other hand im thinking, why the sudden change, and if I am not brining it up, is it getting stuck in my lungs? Its times like this I wish I had a pulse oxy, that would show changes a olt quicker so I knew what I was working with. Im watching my temperature, but at present it seems to be stable. I cant afford to get sick now, I go on holiday on Wednesday.

So plan of action. Im going to attempt to double my nebs for the weekend and watch my temperature. And rise in temp I will go get seen right away. And attempt to redo my sample on Monday. (though I wouldnt get the results till I get back) I just dread this turning into pneumonia. Last time I got that while on holiday I got stuck in a french hospital, with meat I couldnt eat (They have their meat rare, which is bad after a liver transplant due to bacteria and stuff) and no one spoke english, oh and I was 17, so I was on a childrens ward, in isolation. I fought hard to get out that time. They wanted to keep me in for another week as I wasnt stable enough to travel, or they wanted to helicopter me home with a team. But silly me was only going for a long weekend, so didnt take out insurance *rolls eyes* Yeah thats a mistake I wont make again.

Anyway, bed times. xx

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