Thursday, May 06, 2010


So I hate having plain old boring hair.
Since I was diagnosed with server hearing loss and having to wear hearing aids (thank you Gentamicin) I have kept my hair short. Usually spikey on top with a side fringe and the side long enough to cover my ears. Kinda like this:

Which was great especially when I worked as a nurse (check out the uniform above, though I cut most of it off) As it used to look tidy, but took less than 3 minutes to style and if I was running short on time, I could wash it under a tap and let it dry while driving.

I was born a natural blonde, it was so pale in fact that until I was 3, you could not see that I had any hair. As I got older it began (as it does) to darken, but I just used to lighten it of a summer and leave it of a winter. However, after my transplant, I lost all my hair (from being so ill and stressed.) When it came back, instead of my natural poker straight blonde hair, it grew as thick curly mousey brown hair. But blondes have more fun! Nah really, I just didnt like having brown hair. so I dyed it blonde a lot. But this wasnt very god for my hair as it had to be a strong blonde and I had to do it every 4-6 weeks to cover the roots (effort!)

So I went to a light brown instead:

But I pretty soon got bored of that, so I went for purple

Which was fine for the winter months, but as it got warmer, I got bored of having such dark hair. So I kept the purple, but changed the tips to blonde.

While searching for hair dye, I discovered the world of bright semi permant colors. So I became pink. And I loved the pink so so much. It got so many comments and I just loved it.


But as it was semi permant, it needed redoing every other week to keep it vibrant. I know a lot more tricks and such now, but at the time it did come out quick. so I felt like a change so switched to red.

But the red made me look a little pale. So it didnt last all that long. I then made the mistake that you should never ever make. That is dying your hair within 24 hours of having a big event planned. I was going out clubbing to celebrate the end of a long placement. I really wanted to try a medium to dark blue, however over the red, it went very patch and more black (I couldnt at the time pull black off) so I panicked and in an attempt to lighten it, I threw over a load of random colors I had sitting about, including red, pink and purple. (you have to ignore the state of me on this photo, it was like the day after the night before and I really didnt feel well)

It actully looked fairly cool in real life, as it had all kinds of flecks of color depending where the light hit it. But I decided to give my hair a break. I knew to get any decent color I would need to use a lot of heavy treatment on it. So as the colors washed out, it began to turn into a sort of metallic brown.

Yeah, not my favourite color. So I bleached it. But it had so much color in it, that most of it went white, but the tips turned green. Most people would cal it a disaster, but I actully fairly liked it (And yeah I still have the urge to go apple green all over, maybe one day.)

So I went for blue. But it didnt really come out to well, though it still looked fairly cool.
I then started on a new degree in computers where I needed to spend a certain amount of hours in an office working, so I had to tone my hair down for the last couple of years. I spent most summers blonde.

And most winters purple.

Though at one point I did go orange by mistake.

Then when I went into hospital a lot last year, I was blonde, but it grew out and I didnt dye it as I didnt feel up to it and such. Eventually I got it cut just before christmas and the majority of the blonde came out and I was left with my natural brown. Once out of hospital, I went back to purple, but it faded pretty quick and I had grown bored of purple.

I still dont have the energy to be dying it every other week, so I wanted a permeant color that was a bit brighter than purple. So far, the only unatural colors I can find in permeant though are purple and red. So last week I began the process of changing color. So it was this shade when I began:

Then on goes the bleach:

Which went a nice bright orange (white white roots)
So I used another lightener (though a more gentle one this time)
Which went a slightly more normal shade of kinda strawberry blonde. (this actully looked fairly good in the sun) But then I finished the job and went:

But sometimes in the sun looks more like this shade:

Or doing a caught in a gale impression:

Though since I have washed it last night, it seems to have gone darker. Whic I am not liking. I want bright bright bright. But this is a permeant color, so I am going to keep it as is for a while. I might redo it in the same color while on holiday if it starts too look washed out and perhaps when I get back off my hols, go for a semi permeant in true over the top. :/

Oh and this is the longests my hair has been in about 5 years (if not more) I have made the descion to let it grow for a while. While I have so much weight on my, espcially around my face (thanks Cushings) I look to much of a big fat blob with short hair. So yeah. That is my hairstory.

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  1. I love it. I always wanted to have a red headed child.