Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Every time is adventure time!

Today was a bank holiday, which meant a long weekend. (woo) Not that it makes a huge difference to me but my mum had an extra day off work and yeah.

Friday night, I didnt end up going to bed till about 2:30 am (yeah I know that isnt exactly late for me, but I do try to go earlier on a Friday as I have to get up to help mum on a Saturday morning.) But it was Eva's memorial and it was being live streamed from Canada.

It will be availble soon to watch (well you can watch it now, but its not good quality) but I felt the need to watch it live and I am so glad that I did. First off, hearing how Eva grew up, how her spirit has always shone through even when at her sickest, listening to her friends best memories of her, learning how much her family treasured her. She really did live a wonderful and full life.

But more than that, with the live stream, there was also a live chat. I was able to talk to people who went to school with Eva as well as others whose lives she had touched. It was nice. Her legacy truly will live on.

So I have decided to stop being a wimp and so I am going to upload the video I filmed at easter as a record of my voice. The quality is kinda crap as I had to turn my mic volume up full and I was only using the one installed on the computer, so you can hear all the computer workings too. Maybe at some point, I will dig out my old mic and redo it.

So yeah. I know I have a horrible accent, but that is my voice at the moment, sounds kinda like a whisper. I am fine around friends, but often if out, strangers ask why I am whispering. blah. Also, its harder to talk than normal talking as I literally have to force air out of my throat. If I talk too much (which isnt a lot really) I tend to get bad headaches, I can only assume these are from lack of oxygen or something. I tend to take painkillers for them which numbs it a bit, but sleep is the best cure =]

There has also been another change. A more visible one if you like.
I have changed hair color. I would post pictures, but I am not that happy with the pics I have at the minute and I want to put a few pics in from a while back, so maybe I will do that tomorrow.

So I have been shopping and got a few new top for my hols and I am also in the process of moving my 'entertainment system' around. I usually have my wii plugged in under my tv and my cable and dbox under my tv put not plugged in. The reason for that is that my tv is in my wardrobe type thing on the wall. The wii fits on the shelf underneath, but the cable and that just about fit, but once you put the wires in, the doors wont move past it. Well today I managed to get a long extension lead so I am in the process of moving everything to the other side of my wardrobe where there is more room. (though the wires will look a bit more messy) it should prevent me having to plug everything in all the time and I think the remotes should still work from my bed (bonus!.) I am part way through doing it, but I have had a few issues, my dbox currently wont pick up any signals, I should have checked it really, but it was working last time I used it (maybe a month ago) and its rare that all the channels go at once, so I will have to have a better look tomorrow, no doubt I have wired something in wrong.

A dbox, by the way, is a german satellite receiver that runs on the cable (now virgin) tv system. You usually have to program it yourself, but you get more channels than you would on cable alone. (shh)
Once that is working I will need a longer scart, then to decide if I want to plug my dvd player in or just stick to running dvds through the wii. hmm. I've run out of scarts though, but maybe if I can get a long scart to phono It would be worth plugging in also. (hehe no wonder dad shouts at the electricity bill)

I might post pics once I am done.

Anyway enough rambling.

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