Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Peter Chapman

So today was Peters trial.
I expected it to go on for days or even weeks and to not hear much about it. However, he pleaded guilty and it has been on every single piece of news and website.

So turns out he had a fake facebook page that he spoke to Ashleigh on. Then claimed to be a 19 year old boys farther when he picked her up. He then tied her and gaged her and raped her while she suffocated. Afterwards he dumped her body in a field. He was picked up later by the police for a problem with his car and while he was in the prison told them he had murdered someone and where to find her.

In 1992, aged 15, he was the subject of a sexual assault investigation and four years later was accused of raping a girl he had befriended. She became pregnant but the allegations were later dropped.
In December 1996, aged 19, he found himself before Teesside Crown Court accused of attacking two teenage prostitutes.

He had stolen a car, fitted it with false number plates and cruised the streets of Middlesbrough before picking up a 17-year-old street girl, driving her to County Durham and raping her at knifepoint. Two days later he did exactly the same thing to another prostitute.
Chapman was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment and, on his release in 2001, he moved to Merseyside where he befriended a woman and moved in with her.
In 2002 he was arrested by Cheshire Police for the rape and kidnap of a prostitute in Ellesmere Port. The case was discontinued.

This must have been when I met him. October 2002. He had recently moved into the block of flats were I was. I knew he had been in prison before, he told me it was after stealing a car. He used a hell of a lot of coke at the time but apart from that was quiet and sweet. Used to knock at his at like 4am when I was off my head and need him to roll cigs and spliffs.

When things kicked off with Dave, Peter was there for me. He let me stay there out of Daves way, he was helping me find somewhere else to live. When Dave held me prisoner, Peter, knew where I was and knocked but got no answer. He later told me he thought I had gone off somewhere with Dave. Was this true? Or did he know of Daves plans and helped him in someway?

The next day, he held my while I sat in shock, shaking from everything that had happened. He held my hand while sitting in the police station and later at the secure house. After my examination he reassured me that things would be ok while I sat and rocked back and forth.

When we got home, he ran me a warm bath knowing I wanted to scrub myself raw and checked on me every 10 minutes to make sure I hadnt done anything stupid. He cooked me tea and made me eat some, knowing I hadnt eaten for days. And once all that was done, he pulled me away from the window, he stopped me pacing back and forth, put calming music on and pointless tv. Held my hand while sitting on the couch and when I eventually feel into a pit of exhausted sleep he put a blanket over me to keep me warm.

After the stabbing, he came in the ambulance with me, held my hand and helped to squeeze fluids into me, held me down when I started thrashing. He came to see me a couple of times and bought a card while I was in ICU. I dont remember it but he did.

He phoned my familiy once a week to see how I was.

I met up with him a few times once I was better. Had a few drinks, went to the beach and such. He was still just as caring and sweet. I suspected nothing.

One day when my phone was playing up I gave him some of my details and asked him to top it up for me which he did. Later when I got a bank statement he had also put £50 credit on his own phone. He denied it of course. But I had trust issues and completely blocked him out of my life. Good job knowing things now.

After a time, I had a little bit of contact with a few people I knew then. I always asked for information on Peter. Tried to get back in touch with him. No one ever knew where he was.

The bit that gets me is:

In February the following year (2003) he was arrested in Liverpool for the rape and kidnap of a prostitute.
He had enticed her into his car and, because of his “meek and mild” looks and manner, she agreed to go to a house where he kept some money.
It was there he produced a knife, tied her up, kept her prisoner for 14 hours and raped her.

So that would have been what 2 months since I was stabbed. 2 months after I was held prisoner, probably for about 14 hours, at knife point and raped he goes and does the same thing! Was it some sort of reenactment? his past points to no. Did he maybe have something to do with it happening to me? Did he spur Dave on? Did he give him the idea? help him in some way? I guess I will never know. Maybe its a good thing.

I dont know, my head is everywhere with this at the moment. I dont know how I feel nor do I know how I should feel or even what I believe.

He has been given life so I suppose that is something.


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