Sunday, March 14, 2010

Can you ever be just sick?

I think I am becoming allergic to weekends. I always seem to get ill on them latley.

But then, can someone with a medical history ever truly just be ill?
From the time I started to feel sick, it was checking the dates on everything that had been eaten just incase, it was checking my tempertur a couple of times a day, eating only safe foods, tracking fluids to make sure they were kept up.As I spent more and more time with my head down the loo it turns to what to do now?

Who would this batch of illness come under? How can help if things dont improve soon? Would we call the liver unit? but thats a 2 hour drive away. What about the GP? Nope its a weekend. On call doc? Not had the best experiences of these. They either panic and have you admitted to hospital via ambulance or they prescribe you some unheard of anti biotic that your not supposed to take with your current medications and it makes you more ill than when you started? A&E? Well that means being around sick people and probably being admitted for a few days while they get around to seeing you. Plus A&E of a weekend is a death trap to be avoided at all possible costs.

So I was convinced that I should just let it play out. Go on to fluids only and by Saturday night these where staying down. If I wasnt keeping fluids in, then by this morning I would have had to have a check up. You see doctors then go into panic, because your not absorbing your anti rejection medication, leaving your body wide open to fight back. Personally I was more worried about not absorbing my psych meds. Trust me I dont need to go more crazy right now.

So I was feeling a little better today and sat at the table while my sis and kids where down. I did try to join in and be sociable, but no one could hear me. And there where about 3 different conversations going on around the table and I couldnt follow any of them as it was to noisy. The down side of hearing aids, it just blurrs multiple sounds together. So I sat and stared into space instead.

And that was my exciting weekend.
See my thoracic surgeon tomorrow. I can ask him if he has done my refferal. I did have a load of questions to ask him but they all seem to have dropped out my mind. blah.

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  1. It might be worth a visit back to the liver clinic. Especially with you being so tired these days. I think the hearing thing would be awfully frustrating. I have been having some hearing problems that my wife wants me to watch. One of the meds (Neomycin) I am taking is suppose to cause hearing loss if I take too much. They recently doubled the dosage and I am now taking 8 pills a day (500mg) and it is a worry. I need to see my family doc and get my hearing tested.
    I hope your doctor visit goes okay and you are able to remember all of your questions. Take care.
    I get to go see the dentist.