Thursday, February 25, 2010

hello brickwall

Ever feel like no one knows what they are actually doing?

When I saw my GP on Monday, I mentioned that I was still having trouble with the amount of crap and the consistency of it that I was coughing off my chest. The GP didnt know what to suggest but said she would phone the trachy nurse and get back to me.

Well the doctors rang (in the morning when they know and have down on file that I have no voice and I am home alone) to tell me that the doctor had spoken to the trachy nurse. The nurse thinks maybe my tube needs changing (even though I have had this problem continuously since getting the damn tube and its still been present after the last 3 tube changes i have had) or that it might be my central heating (even though I had the same trouble in the hospital where the heating was different.)

So the doctors where phoning me to tell me that I now need to run saline nebs 4 times a day. I explained that I have been running not only saline nebs but also hypertonic (6%) saline nebs 4 times a day each since I got out of hospital and for most the time I was in hospital. The surgery seemed surprised and asked me where I was getting the supplies to do this from?!?!? ermm on repeat prescription from you...... The GP even commented last time I saw her that it was excessive being tied to a nebuliser 8 times a day. *headdesk* She said she would speak to the doc and phone me back.

So when she phoned back the reply was 'Yeah the doctor still wants you to run these saline nebs 4 times a day please till your next clinic appointment and there is a script waiting here for you to pick it up' urmm gee thanks, Ill pick it up next time im there, I only just got my months supply off you 3 days ago so I have plenty here.

Its so frustrating! No one seems to have a clue and the trachy nurses answer to every problem is you need your tube changing!

Right now, I am searching through the drug tariff to get the codes for all the equipment I need to order and such. This shouldnt be my job! What would someone else who didnt know how to search and find this stuff do?!?! The nurses ordered me specialist dressings ermm about 3 weeks ago, still no sign. Trachy services around here really are crap and they dont have a clue how to deal with one.

And that is  my little rant for the night. Im really ticked off things around here. Almost makes me want to go out and fix it. hmm one day maybe.

Tonights cocktail. Pills the bain of my life. or should that be nebs the bain of my life after today.

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  1. I worked in the medical field for years. Perhaps you need to consider calling the office manager/practice administrator with your complaints. Medical personnel sometimes get overwhelmed and don't work as efficiently as they should. They make mistakes and unfortunately, when they make mistakes it has negative effects on a patient's health. Call every day if you have to until they do something to resolve your current problem. Trying to find codes, etc. isn't your job, it's theirs. If you truly feel that this is something you do need to handle, call and talk to the billing supervisor, she/he may be able to help you with the proper codes.