Saturday, February 27, 2010

Any chance of an extension

urgh why am I so damn tired all the bloody time!
Last night I got about 9 hours sleep with only 2 interruptions. Didnt get up till dinner time. Had my dinner and started drifting off in the chair. A bit later my friend came over and while she was talking to mum I once again fell asleep on the couch, where I remained drifting in and out for about 2 hours. trying to fix my mums computer and I literally couldnt stay sitting up so I left it broke for now. meh job for tomorrow.

But I mean come on, I'm 24, supposed to be in the prime of my life and yet I cant stay awake for more than a couple of hours.

oh well shopping with mother tomorrow. Hopefully more energy so I can walk around. Oh and I must have overdone it on the Wii the other day boxing as I could barley move my legs yesterday.

I wonder if the NHS would pay for an extension on our house? I have way to much stuff to store these days. I took these photos a couple of weeks ago.
This is my supply cupboard with dressings, filters, ties, cavalon, sterile equipment and other fun such things. On top is my home care file, suction catheters and my emergency/tube change box. I have since received another bag full of differnt dressings to add to what I already have so go knows where they are going to go.

My once beloved computer desk with my top spec machine on that I used to use for web design and programming. (That computer hasnt been turned on since October >.<)
This is Sam, by suction machine and of course the mandatory bottle of hand gel.
This is Nessie my Nebulizer (With a rather long cord so I could still do things like getting ready for college of a morning while it was running)

This is my Kit bag that I dont leave the house without. Alco gel, spare tubes, tissues, wipes, saline and filters. fun eh

My 2 weekly med supply (the other 2 weeks gets stored in cupboard whereas these go in the draw next to my bed)
And this (apart from dressings) is what I have to pack if I am going out for a night eg: 24 hours worth of

So yep, my once geeky room where the main thing was my computer system has now been taken over by med stuff. fun fun fun


  1. I hate to sound all perky here (I really hate perky people...I'd like to bitch slap them), but the alternative to all the meds and equipment sucks! Is the sleepiness something normal for you or is it something that's just started recently?

  2. Yes the alternative does suck, but when you are surrounded by people who dont need meds or equipment of hospitals, it gets frustrating. Especially when you see so many people throwing it away.

    As for the tiredness,its been a long term thing and can be linked to a lot of stuff like having crappy breathing, not sleeping great, still adjusting after 3 months in hospital in addition to side effects of medication.

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