Monday, February 22, 2010

Spoons and annoying hair

So I want to apologize for my last whiney woe is me post. I was having one of those nights when I wanted to feel sorry for myself and curl up under my duvet and pretend there was nothing wrong. But I am over that now (hopefully) and getting on with getting on =]

I would say its been a busy few days but I dont have a clue what I have done ha. 
Friday I was going out for tea with a friend. The nurses came and noticed I had a 'lump' on my wound. After a few phone calls apparently its over granulation and fairly normal and nothing to worry about (and by the looks of things has vanished today so oh well)

Anyway, my hair was getting too long so I decided to cut my fringe and while i was there cut some nice random bits out from the top, back and sides to hehe. Instead of my usuall spike I went for a kinda ruffed up bed head type look. I liked it and it was a bit different. 
So yeah after tea we came back to mine and watched some tv and a film (New moon again hehe, yes we are obssesed) and then my friend found out that I knew how to use photoshop so had me edit a picture to put her in it lol. I could have done better but this was like 3am and she was happy with it.

So Saturday, I was utterly exhausted. To the point that I couldnt hardly stay awake. Makes me believe a lot more in the spoon theory (ok so it appears that the website hosting the spoon theory is being updated, however it can also be viewed here) So getting ready to go out and actually going out took it out of me so much I kinda had to pay it back the next day. So as much as I hate it I used my wheelchair around the shops on Saturday and then slept all saturday afternoon.

And today, I went out for a drive in my dads new car. and played some wii. exciting huh. Oh and I was still annoyed at my hair so decided to try a differnt style again. (It looks much better in person than in the pic)
Which was kind of inspired from Alice Cullen ;)
Though of course she is much prettier. And man do I need to lose weight. My face has gone so round and podgy. urgh one day maybe lol. Anyway yeah, hair, its a little more feminie and looks kinda nice I think so I might try keeping this style for a little while and see. Though it looks good now all sticking out I dont want to go sleep on it as it will flatten it hehe.

Yep so that my exciting weekend.


  1. Thanks for the note. I feel like hell. I hope tomorrow is a better day.
    I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to click to read about the spoon theory so I finally gave up. Maybe later.
    Nice 'do.


  2. You have nothing to apologize for...this is your blog! You're at the helm so whine away if you want. Also, we all have things we could improve about ourselves, but the most beautiful people in the world are those who can and do speak the truth. By definition alone, that makes you beautiful. I always tell people as I pull into handicap parking, "Being beautiful is a handicap!" I always get a chuckle...

  3. Love the new "fluffy" hairstyle :)
    It looks really cute on you!!